Travel Guide to Guatemala City: Fun Zones To Visit While There


Travel Guide to Guatemala City: Fun Things To Do While There

sunset in guatemala city

A lot of people, when they arrive in Guatemala, they barely spend any time visiting Guatemala city because, in reality, it’s not one of those cool cities that you really want to spend that much time in. However, if you do have that extra time or if you’re visiting Guatemala for a longer period of time, there are some really cool and beautiful spots that I really recommend visiting in Guatemala City.

Guatemala City Zones

Guatemala City is broken down into zones. There are up to I think 16 zones at this point, and it’s rapidly growing. There are so many Zones that are just kind of springing up. 

However, the main zones that you want to visit, zone one is where the historic region is, right, it’s where the cathedral is, it’s where a big Central Park is. It’s also where the presidential palaces are, although the president does not live there, but it is a really cool place to visit. There is a huge Parque Central with one of the most popular central markets in the city, which a lot of people find to be fascinating.

Obviously, you have the place where you fly into which is Aurora Guatemala City Airport, and it’s a few minutes away from pretty much any place that you want to go to.

Zone 10 is a popular, very popular spot as well. It has a place where you can walk around, there are a lot of really great restaurants. A lot of the trendier hotels are located in this zone as well.

Then you have Zone 15, Zone 15, and Zone 16 are the more upper-class zones. So it’s a lot safer there. It’s gorgeous. They do have a lot of Airbnb’s in those regions.

sky trees and building in guatemala city

Ciudad Cayala

But the cool thing about Zone 16 is a place called Ciudad Cayala which is this huge outdoor area. It reminds you of Europe when you go there, and I actually really recommend taking at least half a day to go and visit there. It’s this beautiful area with outdoor restaurants and parks, and it’s just a fun place to visit, and you can walk around. It’s like an outdoor mall

Cuatro Grado Norte

The trendiest spot of all is called Cuatro Grado Norte, and it’s this outdoor little region area. I guess it’s more of a zone.

It’s in zone four and there is a lot of great Airbnbs right there. And what makes it really special is that you could walk around that area. It’s only about two or three blocks, but it’s got the best, trendiest restaurants, bars, really fun nightlife, and coffees.

a street with trees in guatemala city


Those are really the most alive places to visit. There are also quite a few museums in Guatemala City, that I definitely recommend visiting if you are into museums, and they are all pretty close by. I don’t recommend taking public transportation. Uber’s you can get around with very easily and very, very economically. So that’s a huge deal and otherwise, public transportation definitely is not a safe way to go.

So if you’re visiting Guatemala City these are great little spots to visit and if you have a couple of days that is more than what you need to visit there.

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Last Updated on June 24, 2023

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