Guatemala City Fair: Full Experience Like a Local

I’m a huge fan of street fairs and local festivals. This is when all the real goodness of the country comes out to play. It’s a must-do in Guatemala, you’re able to spend time with the locals, taste some delicious food and play with some guys. So, If you’re wondering how are the fairs in Guatemala City, this is for you! I’ll be detailing the experience with tons of photos.

If you are visiting any city or country during the local festivals, my advice – go and have fun!

Fairs in Guatemala City


And get over your non greasy dieting and no carbs. You have to taste the local foods.


For some reason, all over the world they are always super fatty. But that also makes them super tasty.


I don’t even know what this is, except it looks to be mounds and mounds of meat and colorful veggies. I didn’t care. We dove right in and had a plate. I don’t even think they had forks.


Meat plus meat plus tortillas always equals tacos in Guatemala.


And more meat!


I’m not sure what this is, but I can guaranteed you it is dripping with fat and grease of all sorts.


This may be the healthiest selection at the fair. At least until they serve it to you. Then they douse it with tons of May.


You can’t forget the guys with the big guns. It wouldn’t be a Guatemalan anything-at-all-event without these guys. I really don’t want to see them in action, cause I bet they will shoot everything and anything that moves rather than a certain target.


After you’re stuffed to the gills, it’s time to play prehistoric games.


I actually loved these games. They are super cheap and quite creative.


And more creativity at its best.


Last Updated on April 24, 2022

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  1. I think this is the first article where i have seen original pictures depicting pure culture, really appreciate it. Thanks a lot!

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