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Guatemala Beaches – Surfing Paradise

Guatemala Beaches - Surfing Paradise

Last year my youngest son’s great friend had a birthday party at El Paredon, one of Guatemala Beaches.

It was a surf party, which is what El Paredon area is known for, and since then we have been hooked.

guatemala beaches, el paredon, surfing dude and doggie

When the party was going on, my husband and I pledged to come to the beach monthly to take surf lessons and enjoy beach life.

El Paredon is about two hours from Antigua, making it a perfectly long day trip.

guatemala beaches, el paredon

The beach here is always empty, and the weather is always amazing. For both kids and puppies.

el paredon surf lessons

But the best part of it all, are the surf lessons.

Guatemala Beaches – Surfing Paradise 

Unlike Costa Rica, Guatemala’s beaches are yet to be discovered for the great waves and surf. Which I bet are comparable to most of Costa Rica’s surf spots and even Cali’s surf.

Since they aren’t, the waves are all to yourself.

The locals of this town are all incredible surfers and if they’re not out surfing, you can easily hire one for less than $15 an hour including board rental to teach you how to surf.

surfing paradise, surfing in guatemala, el paredon, surf lessons

After only a couple of times at the beach, my kids were getting up without any problem and taking to surfing.

surfing lessons for kids, guatemala surfing

surfing in guatemala, guatemala beaches, surf lessons for kids

And afterwards, chilling in the pool or on hammocks.

guatemala beach hotel, el paredon

Getting away from Antigua to the beach has become one of our top things to do. We don’t do it monthly, as we originally pledged to do so, but we definitely do it more than we did before the birthday party.

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