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How to Guarantee Snow On Your Next Ski Break

When you’re shelling out on a long-awaited break away, it can be tempting to complain to the travel agent when the weather isn’t quite what you expected when you get there. Joking aside, though, there isn’t a lot you can do to ensure the sun pops its cheery head out on your beach holiday, or the sky gets its act together to drop out some snow when you’re skiing. Or is there….?Tons of tips and tricks that will allow you to find the perfect place to go skiing this winter.In this article you will find ski break.

Ski Break

You can do little to increase your chances of sun on a holiday somewhere exotic, other than choose somewhere that sees a lot of it and opt for a month that doesn’t fall in your destination of choice’s ‘winter’. But when it comes to the weather in a ski resort, there is something you can do – and it’s this: pick somewhere located at high altitude!

Of course, avid skiers will already know that, but it really does makes sense that a high altitude resort like Val d’Isere and Tignes would enjoy a little more snow than other popular ski destinations and the 2018 has seen an unprecedented amount of snowfall. With longer winter seasons and therefore plenty more of the white stuff, these two resorts are hot spots for skiing fanatics. But what else can you do to ensure snow? Keep an eye on the time of year; certain months are obviously much better for skiing – The Guardian has a handy calendar to help you pinpoint when’s the right time to pounce on that good deal you’ve spotted online.

Apart from selecting the right resort, is there much else you can actually do when it comes down to it?

Ski Break

If we’re still in the middle of winter by the time you see this blog, you might want to check out places like Argentina, Chile, Australia or New Zealand for your trip. These destinations offer some of the best – and snowiest – slopes for skiing on. Of course, this is only for the most die-hard skier; we’re pretty sure everyone else can wait, especially as you’ll be able to make the most of cheaper flights – it’s much easier to get to European ski resorts from the UK, after all – if you hang on until spring.

Go skiing early on in the year and the days may be colder and the resorts more likely to have the highest snowfall.

And if you want to jet off even earlier, Courchevel and Kitzbühel are the perfect ski destinations. That said, it’s hard to find a hotel room or resort that hasn’t upped its prices to account for the upsurge in rich visitors during the Orthodox Christmas and New Year holidays.

If you’re planning well ahead, Val d’Isère in France, in particular, has plenty of snow during the festive season. Head off in December and the resort might be treated to enough of the white stuff to cover Wembley stadium – that’s a lot of snow!

Also, it’s worth knowing that resorts like Val d’Isère offer even more benefits for the ski fan who’s looking for snow. Why? The get additional help from trusted snow cannons; even if the resort doesn’t receive fresh snow, the canons will more than ensure the pistes have plenty of coverage to last you throughout your break.

Norway also comes out on top as a destination which receives plenty of snow, with 5-star ratings on independent ski sites. Meanwhile, Saas Fee in Switzerland is thought to be one of the snowiest spots in the Alps. Most of this popular destination slopes between 2500 and 3500m, with its average piste height being pretty impressive too. Did you know it also has one of Europe’s finest glaciers? What that means for keen skiers is year-round skiing can be enjoyed. In short, it’s a snow-sure choice for anyone looking for guaranteed fun on the piste.

Be flexible with your dates and it’ll allow you to truly see how the land lies, as it were, and decide if your chosen ski resort has received the level of snow you’re hoping for to ensure it’s the winter wonderland you had in mind. Be prepared and it’ll make all the difference ahead of your holiday and during it, too.

Still not sure where to go? Check out these top 5 ‘ski-sure’ resorts for some much-needed ski break inspiration.

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