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GROUP TRIPS| Accommodation and Transportation in Krakow, Poland

People in groups can frequently be seen strolling through the Old Town. All of them are not students. All types of visitors come here, including families, summer camp groups, bachelor/bachelorette parties for both men and women. How can they choose a mode of transportation and a place to stay for a big group without blowing their budget and ruining the beautiful memories?

sunset in krakow poland

You can explore Krakow for a reasonable price if you stay in a reputable hostel rather than a hotel. This type of lodging offers a perfect balance between price and location. It is necessary for group trips. What things are necessary to find a good hostel for groups.

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When it comes to choosing the best accommodation, there are a number of things to be considered. But unlike hotels, you cannot expect high-end services. The following are a few points you must consider when finding accommodation for groups in Krakow.

The level of service is the benchmark. Even though some people do not come to this area to look for hostels, the location should be tidy and properly furnished.  In Krakow, the accommodation for groups is of a good caliber. Wi-Fi, a Smart TV, individual bathrooms for each room, single, double, and shared rooms, charging ports for devices, bedside lights, and comfortable beds—all for an affordable price.

A hostel in Krakow needs to be at the right location in order to be considered good. If you have to go a long distance, even nice rooms are useless. When planning a group trip, timing is crucial. We might have more time for entertainment and relaxation if everything is close by (at least the major attractions). It is crucial that a trip be enjoyable and not a tense point-to-point rush. In Krakow’s Old Town, next to Gobia Street, sits the Hostel Draggo which is considered the best accommodations for groups. Is there anything better than being 8 minutes from Wawel Castle and 2 minutes from the Main Square?

It’s crucial to have a way to go around the city and travel within it. The proximity to the Main Train Station and the abundance of bus stops nearby are advantages of Hostel Draggo. We have the option of using the bus that took us to Krakow, walking, or riding. For our out-of-country guests, there is an airport located outside of the city at Kraków-Balice, making Draggo house an even better choice for accommodation.

Although the article primarily focuses on group transportation and lodging, many of the points also hold true for lone travelers. They are being greeted with open arms at Draggo House in the Old Town, which can make your trip memorable.

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