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Great Value Family Travel: Destination Turkey

A long Mediterranean coastline, towns, and villages lined up with resorts, and fascinating seaside cities – Turkey, offers you an enchanting experience and ambiance if you are someone planning a family vacation to Turkey.The best places to visit in Turkey for a cheaper vacation.Take a look at this article to learn more about Destination Turkey.

But, what places should you visit as part of your Turkey itinerary? Well, most of the travel plan is limited to the areas such as Istanbul, which was the capital was once a powerful capital of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. We thought we would share information about the best family destinations in Turkey that you can enjoy with your kids.

Destination Turkey

Best Places in Turkey That You can Visit With Your Family

If you are doting moms and dads out there, you will be happy to know of the exciting and enchanting places that you can take your kids to in Turkey. In fact, Turkey is known to be an excellent place for the family vacation.

Antalya Region

It is the fifth largest city in Turkey and has been the right destination for the best Mediterranean vacation with older kids and teenagers. The city is known for its numerous resorts, bars, restaurants, and family hotels in Turkey.

The gorgeous beaches, lush green mountains, and ancient ruins will indeed make it a great option. It offers a wide range of options for almost everyone – right from sailing, mountain climbing, sightseeing, and family fun.


It is the capital city f Turkey and is a sprawling, modern city. It hosts a host of government buildings, commercial foreign embassies, and universities. Of course, a significant part of the town has transportation hubs and other administrative options with quite little for the tourists.

However, a few parts of the city do have access to some cultural destinations, such as museums. One of the exciting attractions would include the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations.


This is yet another exciting option for a star-studded family vacation. Sitting at the backdrop of the magnificent Taurus Mountains, the city is one of the most visited cities in Turkey. It is a perfect combination of both historic and modern influences.

The water sports and lively beaches provide an enhanced and enchanting experience for your family vacation. The action packed ambiance of the city would offer you an excellent balance for a family and older kids. You can get access to enhanced experience if you love history – learn about warring Crusaders, Byzantine grandeur, and Ottoman nobility. A few other attractions here can include Damlatas Cave, Dim Cay River, and Turquoise Coast Cruise.


Marmaris offers you a picture perfect ambiance of popular seaside destinations. You would find it an excellent option for turquoise waters, mountains lined with pines, and historic architecture. The city should be a great option that offers a remarkable experience. It does offer you great sightseeing experiences.

You can experience a buzzing nightlife and fantastic dining opportunities in Marmaris. Of course, it would not be an excellent option for those looking for a peaceful stay. The Atlantis Waterpark in Marmaris can be one of the best fun family waterpark. You can have your own private beach experience along with stunning ocean views.


Side was a famous port city in the ancient Pamphylia region, and now one of the lovely cities on the Turquoise Coast. Legends claim that Anthony and Cleopatra had their trysts here. The region is famous for the Greco Roman temples.

The city is also known for its white beaches, lively markets, great seafood options, and water sports opportunities. You can enjoy an excellent option for sightseeing, nightlife, and dining. The ancient Hellenistic and Roman ruins would be yet another excellent option.

Where to Stay in Turkey Cities – Limak Hotels

If you are looking for the best place to stay in major cities around Turkey, Limak Hotels have been one of the preferred options. Launching the first hotel with Limak Arcadia, they entered the tourist arena in 1995. The brand believes in Warm Hospitality & Excellent Service, and has been committed to that end.

With over 8 different hotels across Turkey, they offer you a means to stay in almost every major city in the country. In addition to serving the growing number of tourists entering the country, the group is also involved in social services. A tree planting event is held each year by the Limra, Arcadia, Atlantis, and Lara Deluxe hotels in Antalya. One of the best traditions that it has been following is presenting plant seeds to its guests.

Those were a few excellent tourist destinations you can enjoy in Turkey. If you are visiting Turkey for a family vacation, the hotels, resorts, and other attractions that the nation offers, you should make it one of the best options to opt for.

Which regions did you like among the ones we featured above? Share your experiences with us.

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