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Great Types Of Food You Should Try When You Travel In Singapore

Singapore is one of those countries that offer such a wide variety of food options that pretty much anyone can find new dishes that they will love. Its geographical location also played a huge role in the dishes that you’ll find in Singapore, as a lot of cultures influenced them. You will be able to find a bit of all the closest Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. 

So, if you are planning to travel to Singapore, you might find yourself overwhelmed by all the food choices if you’re not prepared. That being said, as there are some dishes that you just can’t miss – it’s a good thing that you’ve clicked on this article. Here, you will be able to learn more about the types of food that you should look for when you travel to Singapore. Let’s dig right in!


If you are coming from a western country, the probability is high that you haven’t even heard of Durian, let alone tried it. The thing is, this fruit is not only well known in Southeast Asia but it is actually considered as the king of fruits. Many Singaporeans consider Durian a national fruit. It is not only widely present in some of the favorite dishes, but there are even venues modeled after it. 

Now, what exactly is this fruit, how does it look and taste like? Well, it comes in a circular, spiky shape, making it quite special among common fruits. When you open the shell, you are met with a sweet aroma, and the taste is incredibly sweet and rich. The texture is creamy and buttery, which makes this fruit easy to incorporate in other meals. That’s exactly why Durian Emicakes Online Cake Ordering and Delivery In Singapore isn’t an uncommon thing. Even if (for some reason) cakes aren’t your thing, you can be sure to find tarts as well as even shakes that utilize this amazing fruit.

Bak kut teh

Bak kut teh is deeply rooted in the history of Singapore, and there are quite a few stories of how it came to be. The story of how Bak kut teh varies, but all of them culminate in the creation of a beautiful, tea-inspired soup. If we take a look at how the dish is prepared nowadays in the traditional recipe, here’s the overall recipe. Basically, leftover pork is boiled with bones. In order to infuse flavor into the soup, spices such as star anise and pepper are added. These specific spices also induce the color of the soup to resemble tea. Hence, the name  Bak kut teh – pork bone tea. All in all, this dish is a simple, humble – and yet absolutely irresistible dish. It is tender, herbal, and flavorful, so – make sure that you try it if you have the chance to do so!

Wanton mee

There are quite a few noodle-based dishes in Singapore, but this one is definitely many people’s favorite. People figure that wanton mee was influenced by the food from Hong Kong, but it has plenty of enhancements that make it truly Singaporean. In general, wanton mee is eaten ‘dry’, when compared to other noodle-based dishes. The noodles are drenched in a special light and sweet sauce. Additionally, pork char siew and wanton pork dumplings are added on top of the noodles. In most cases, you will also get a bowl of soup to accompany the dish.  

Be aware though, this dish can get spicy if you fail to specify how you want it when you order. In general, a spicy version will be enriched with chili. On the other hand, if you opt for a non-spicy version, you will get tomato sauce instead of chili. Another thing that you can modify when ordering is how the dumplings are prepared. You can opt either for deep-fried dumplings, or the soup ones.


This dish is heavily based on the so-called Peranakan culture. If you’re not familiar with the term, it describes the merge of Chinese and Malay cuisine. There are different types of Laska out there, but the most popular ones are Asam Laksa and Curry Laksa. So, let’s see what these Laksa dishes are, and what makes them so popular in Singapore! 

If you’re traveling in the Malaysian region of Singapore, the probability is high that you will find Asam Laksa more easily than the curry version. Although, if you are more interested in the traditional Singapore Curry laksa, you will surely be able to find it as well. The main difference comes in the different variety of fishes that are used. Additionally, you will be able to find variations in the broth and the type of noodles. In general, the traditional Curry Laksa is made out of the following: tau pok, fish, shrimp, coconut milk, and vermicelli. Oh, and in most cases – there will be hum on the side.

Orh Lua (Oyster omelette)

If you find yourself wandering around Singapore hawker centres or in the Taiwan night market, you will surely run into Orh Lua stalls. As the name, oyster omelette, suggests – the stars of the show in this dish are eggs and oysters. When the eggs are fried, potato starch is added to thicken the omelette and to add to the taste. There is also a special vinegar chili that is added, which brings out the taste of oysters perfectly.

Ice kacang

As we get to the end of the list of the most spectacular dishes in Singapore, let’s finish it up with a desert! Ice kacang is a desert, and it is based on shaved ice. What makes this Singaporean dish special though is the fillings that come with it. So, the base of Ice kacakng is a mountain of ground ice. On top of it, you can choose to decorate it with plenty of different ingredients. The most popular choices are the following – chendol, agar-agar jelly, grass jelly, red beans, and palm seeds. Finally, on top of all this goes condensed milk, rose syrup, and Sarsi syrup. All of these ingredients ultimately make up a kaleidoscope-looking dish.

In the end, this list barely scratches the surface of all the dishes that you will be able to find when in Singapore. The aromas, spices, colors, and creativity that comes into every dish are truly spectacular. If you are lucky enough to be in Singapore at some point, make sure to make the most of your time there. This includes food exploration, as through doing so, not only will you be met with awesome dishes – but you will be able to experience the culture as well.

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