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Great Tips To Make Long Road Trips Fun

Long road trips have the potential to turn out extremely boring.

But with a well-thought-out plan, they can end up being one of your most enjoyable and memorable times as well.

There are several things you can do to transform a mediocre road trip into a super exciting adventure without any additional expenses. Yes, you can go on road trips with your friends and family, or even solo!

All it takes is a little planning, effort and creativity to make your road trip dreams come true.

Let us take a look at some great tips to make long road trips fun.

Blast Your Favorite Tunes

“Is Your Playlist Ready?”

Nothing is more fun than screaming out the lyrics of your favorite song with your friends on the road!

Make sure your vehicle has a good set of speakers. You can also consider bringing bluetooth speakers or external speakers if you feel like your vehicle’s speakers aren’t up to the mark.

Before going on your long road trip, curate a road trip playlist with all of your favorite songs. If you are traveling with friends or family make sure to include their favorites as well.

You can have fun karaoke sessions as well!

Play Games

Road trip games are a long-standing tradition and it is your responsibility to make sure it goes on!

These witty games will help you relax, let loose and bond with your friends – and they’re a good reason to put your phones away for some time.

You can get personal with games like ‘Twenty Questions’ or upgrade your observational skills with a game of ‘I Spy’.

A bold game of ‘Truth or Dare’ will help keep things interesting.

If you’re bringing kids along, you can entertain them with a road trip scavenger hunt!

Bring Plenty of Snacks

No one wants to go hungry on a long road trip. Hunger can make you cranky and that doesn’t sound like the most enjoyable experience.

Make sure you bring plenty of road trip-friendly snacks like chips, sandwiches, nuts, crackers, juice and beef jerky.

Avoid bringing only junk food – try to include some healthy options as well.

Avoid getting snacks that have a lot of juice, sauce or fat, basically anything that can potentially leave an ugly mess.

Nevertheless, whether the road trip involves a truck or jeep, you have to make sure that the seat is well protected in case of food spillage. Good quality seat covers, especially custom Jeep seat protectors are not only easy to clean and maintain but also last several years.

Make Some Interesting Stops

“Stop At The Beach For Some Fun”

Who says you have to stay in your vehicle the entire road trip?

Plan some stops along the way so you and your friends can do some fun activities.

You can do something as simple as having a game of frisbee or even a fun camping session where you roast marshmallows and exchange stories!

Some people find it hard to stay in a vehicle for a long period of time or get car sick. This is a great way to relax and refresh yourself for the remaining journey.

Listen To A Podcast Or Watch A Movie

Watching a movie is one of the best ways to kill time for shorter road trips.

It is also a great idea if nobody wants to play anything or be social.

Podcasts are another way to be entertained.

It is also inclusive since the driver can listen to it without being distracted unlike a movie.

Make sure you pick a podcast which everyone can enjoy. Crime, travel and life advice are some interesting themes you can go for.

Make A Route Map

Making a route plan doesn’t sound so much fun but it will help you avoid unhappy incidents!

It will not only help you save time but conserve fuel, avoid getting lost, and even prevent you from getting into unforeseen accidents.

You can have fun making your route map, adding stickers and highlighting places you want to stop at.

It is possible to create a route map in Google My Maps. It will allow you to create a custom itinerary, add markers and share it with your friends and family.

Document The Trip

Don’t Forget To Click Pictures On The Way!

Trust me, you won’t regret the time you spend documenting your trip!

Whether they are videos, photos or even handwritten journal entries, you will look back upon them and cherish these beautiful memoirs with all your heart.

So pull that camera out and start documenting!

You don’t have to take professional videos or photos – although if you can pull that off, that’ll be amazing.

Another great idea is to print all the photos you take during the trip and make an entire album for your road trip.

Even something as simple as a random video of you and your friends singing together or laughing will end up being one of your most cherished memories!

Have Competitions

No, we are not talking about crossing other vehicles or being first on the road!

We are talking about competitions among your friends like ‘Who can stay still for the longest period’ or ‘Who can spot the most number of red cars’.

This will definitely help you fight boredom and encourage everyone to be active.

You can get extremely creative with this – and have rewards for the winners as well!

Take Part In Some Fun Social Media Trends

Social media trends are on the rise and Instagram reels are one of the hottest ones!

There are plenty of Instagram reel trends for travel enthusiasts so have some fun with your friends and hop on some trends!


It is also important to make sure you invest in or rent a good vehicle for your road trip to be safe and prevent accidents.

You don’t want to run into trouble in the middle of a long journey. That can be a huge mood spoiler! So make sure you perform the necessary checks on your car before starting your journey.

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