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Grab A Coupon for 1 Of These 5 Online Courses To Turn You Into An Expert Traveler

Since its launch in 2010, Udemy has become the Go-To website for short-term professional online instruction. As of August 2017, over 17 million have signed up for at least one of the 55,000 short online courses, many of which are available in multiple languages.Travel advice for online courses.Take a look at this article to find information and coupons for 5 that will make you a travel expert.

staying in touch while traveling

One of the most popular categories on Udemy is traveling followed by finance. Udemy regularly offers coupon codes so check out before you order. Here are five of the top travel courses that can help you become an expert traveler even before you set foot inside a car, train, boat, or airplane.

Survival English for Travel and Holidays by English University
With almost 3,000 past students and a 4.6-star rating, it’s hard to ignore this course if English is not your native language and you want to survive and enjoy traveling to English-speaking countries. English University or English is an online school focuses primarily on English as a second language.

This video-based lesson is 1.5 hours and includes the keywords you need to learn to get by in an English-speaking country. You should have basic reading skills and know how to use the Internet and dictionary. During the class, you will go through 10 lectures each accompanied with quizzes and homework as well as answer keys. Although you are not required to do the homework, it has proven to be very helpful in reinforcing the lessons.

You will learn conversational English related to travel that will enable you to speak and understand authorities in airports or borders. You will also be able to handle your accommodations, transportation, and meals without assistance from a translator.

Online Courses To Turn You Into An Expert Traveler

Travel Hacking: How to Travel the World for Next to Nothing by Huntly Mayo Malskyz
This video lesson is 3.5 hours in length and teaches students how to travel on a budget. Malasky is a finance blogger, travel hacker and co-founder of Money Smart Start, a nonprofit organization on personal finance for students.

This course will show you how to avoid paying full price for hotels and airfare as well as how to find and get free airplane tickets. It is a course for anyone living in the US.

Learn about travel hacking which is traveling below market prices and without suffering from dirt cheap accommodations, fares, and meals. Travel to Asia, Europe and even bring friends and relatives with minimal out of pocket expense.

This lesson, if you pre-qualify, comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Travel Made Easy: How to See the World on a Budget by Martin Georgiev and Edmund Piunow
This is another 2.5-hour course on budget traveling through coach surfing by one aerospace engineer (Martin Georgiev) and a marketing trainer (Edmund Piunow). The whole course is on “fun travel” since traveling carries with it a lot of stress especially over expenses.

This lesson contains more than 40 lectures, videos, practical applications and tips on traveling and finding a comfy couch to lay your head at night no matter where you are in the world.

Also included in these online courses are tips on how to organize the travel logistics, maintain a trustworthy profile, and how to get started.

Staying Healthy While Traveling – The Natural Way by Lisette Narragon
This course on homeopathy is 1.5 hours in length and focuses on how to help travelers ease travel discomforts using a more natural approach. The course creator and instructor, Lisette Narragon, is an electrical engineer who worked in Silicon Valley before moving to San Francisco to teach homeopathy and establish a clinic in Los Altos.

This course teaches students how to use natural homeopathic remedies (in the correct dosages) to relieve or prevent common travel health issues plus, it teaches them how to put together a homeopathic travel kit.

Travel Hacking – Earn Free Flights Across the World! US ONLY by Son Han
This is a short one-hour video course on travel hacking. It is available for US residents only. Son Han, the lecturer, is a financial analyst who studied at the University of Texas and has been based on his research and experiences while traveling to different countries since graduating.

In this course, you will learn how to use your US credit card to get free flights to any country in the world as well as how to save on rates, avoid exorbitant travel and bank fees, get bonuses, and choose the best credit card for travel.

You need to know how to manage credit cards to take this lesson, and it is recommended that you have a good credit score of over 650. You cannot have massive credit card debt if you want to try this method. This method will require that you pay the travel taxes but airfares can be free!

There you have it! These are 5 of the top tutorials on Udemy online courses on traveling. Sign up and learn how to travel stress-free and safe.

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