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Good Reasons Why You Need To Avoid Using Your Phone While Driving and Texting

Nowadays it’s easier, enjoyable, and even fast to move with the new technologies, but driving and texting can be very dangerous. Dangerous driving can lead to the death of innocent individuals be it passengers or even pedestrians. Technology is good but only when used for the purpose it was initially developed to cater for. Even though there are text messages you can’t avoid or even calls, park, make/answer calls or texts then proceed.Driving and texting at the same time can be really hazardous. Here is why you need to avoid using phone while driving. 

Driving and Texting

It’s always good to consider your life, the people who may have boarded your car, your fellow drivers, and even your loved ones back at home. Take for example if you are your family’s breadwinner and it happens that your life is cut short by an accident because of your dangerous driving, how would your beneficiaries live without you? Therefore, car accidents can be really dangerous. Having all this in mind you may consider these good reasons why you need to avoid using your phone while driving:

Why You Need To Avoid Driving And Texting At The Same Time

You Can Kill Or Cause Damage

It’s indisputable that the world is full of careless drivers even with very good driving schools and all sorts of good skills. No driver of any class of vehicle is allowed by the law to use his/her mobile phone while driving as this may distract him/her. In case you become a victim of distracted driving, attorneys at Joyelawfirm recommend that you reach out to a texting while driving accident lawyer to help you get the right compensation. Note that so many people in the world today die at the hands of distracted drivers. 

Drivers Can Get jailed For Using Phone While Driving

Nations in the world have come up with very tough penalties for various offenses to try and minimize the loss of lives through distracted driving. For some, it’s even tougher that you risk a jail term for using your phone while driving. It’s good to be mindful as a driver as serving a jail term is never easy especially if you have lived to enjoy your full freedom and rights. Being denied your freedom of movement and many other freedoms just because you were distracted by your phone looks foolish. A survivor, an accident injury victim can sue you and get jailed for careless driving.

Your Insurance Company May Not Compensate

Engaging in another activity while driving can take away your driving concentration. No matter how small the activity might be, it can take your eyes off the road. It’s never easy to get compensated for loss or damage brought about by distracted driving from your insurance company even if you have been paying your premiums on time. It’s a requirement for you to notify your insurance company first if you happen to cause an accident, they may find that the cause of the accident was distracted driving and you end up not being paid for the damages or losses. Even though any policy is covered by premium payments and subject to the insurer’s terms and conditions, your insurance company can drop your policy completely especially if they find out you were are the one responsible for the accident. They can easily get to know the bottom line from the police report that is given to the insurer as part of the process towards compensation. However, they may give you a second chance but with hiked premiums that you may not be able to pay from your income and end up giving up on the policy.

driving and texting


You Can Set A Bad Example 

Although being responsible and competent is a choice, drivers should have it as a requirement. Many young drivers look upon the elderly to teach them the basics of being better drivers even after acquiring driving skills from learning institutions. It’s up to the elderly to teach the young the best practices of being behind the wheel. It’s so obvious that using a phone while driving is just very simple to copy for young drivers. It’s always good to help people learn from you. Considering whoever is watching everything.

You Can Use Technology

Technology has permeated every aspect of our lives and drivers using their phones while driving is just like better said killing. With the many developed systems to help drivers save their lives and still perform their responsibilities, there are so many operating systems from voicemails and other safe driving mode features in phones or vehicles for drivers to use.


Distracted driving can be visual, manual, or even cognitive. Nonetheless, many innocent lives are lost at the hands of distracted drivers. Other causes of road accidents too cause deaths but the case of just causing an accident because of using your phone as a driver sounds even more careless. Real-life challenges are there, but they can’t force you on driving and texting. Many options like looking for parking or just pulling over traffic in a safe place to answer a call or text then proceed are better.


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