Golf Holiday Packing Essentials: What to Pack for a Perfect Golfing Vacation

Going on a golf holiday is an exciting experience for any golfer. With beautiful courses to play and new places to explore, packing the right gear will make your trip go smoothly. Here are the golf holiday packing essentials to include on your list so you’ll be ready for a great getaway.

Golf Clubs and Accessories

Most importantly, you’ll need your set of golf clubs. Bring your full set or at least your favorite woods, irons and putter so you can play your best game. Be sure your clubs are in good condition and recently cleaned.

Repair any worn grips beforehand. Pack your clubs in a hard-shell travel case for protection. Don’t forget golf gloves, tees, ball markers, a divot tool, and ball retriever. Golf Cart Tire Supply has a large online catalog of golf cart accessories if you need to refresh your kit. 

Consider packing an extra sleeve of golf balls in case you lose some during your trip. Having backup tees, gloves and other small accessories can also come in handy if your main ones get misplaced or worn out mid-trip.

Golf Shoes and Apparel

Pack several pairs of golf shoes, including your favorites for course comfort and traction. Bring at least two pairs of golf socks for each day you will be playing. Pack layered golf apparel you can adjust for the weather, like polos, pants, shorts, jackets and rain gear. Don’t forget a visor or hat for sun protection.

Be sure to check the weather forecast and pack appropriate outerwear. Windbreakers, fleece pullovers and lightweight waterproof jackets are great for variable conditions. Proper sun protection like rash guards, sleeves and shades are a must as well.

Equipment and Gear

Pack your golf carry bag with valuables like rangefinder, GPS watch, snacks, sunscreen and other necessities. Bring portable chargers for your devices. A folding cart can hold your bag while walking. Pack a lightweight stand bag if you plan to use a cart. Include towels for cleaning equipment and hands. Packing cubes can help to organize your gear.

Also consider useful accessories like a cigar holder, flask, pocketknife, binoculars or Bluetooth speaker to enhance your experience. Pack an extra wallet, sunglasses case and toiletry bag to keep golf items separate from your regular travel effects.

Off-Course Attire

While golf may be the main event, you will need clothing and footwear for dining out, sightseeing and other activities. Pack casual shirts, shorts, jeans, dresses, skirts, sandals and walking shoes. Bring a light jacket for cool evenings. Be sure to pack pajamas, robes and swimwear if your hotel has a pool.

Depending on your destination, packing dress clothes for a special evening out may also be warranted. Dress shoes, slacks, dress shirt, tie, sport coat and belt can be handy for an upscale dinner or show too.

Important Documents

Ensure you pack your passport, wallet, credit cards and currency for the countries visited. Make copies of your passport to bring separately. Pack your itinerary with confirmation numbers. Bring your cell phone and chargers with adapters if required. Pack prescriptions in original containers with a doctor’s note. Don’t forget sunglasses and spare eyeglasses if needed.

Also, pack your travel insurance documents and emergency contact information. It’s a good idea to share your full itinerary with someone at home in case of an emergency. Lastly, check to see if your health insurance covers you internationally and make sure to obtain the required travel visas well in advance of your trip.

With the essentials covered, you’ll be set for an amazing golf trip abroad. Safe travels and enjoy every moment! Let the dream golf vacations begin.

Last Updated on November 2, 2023

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