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Holiday Presents – How About a Gold Earrings and a Gold Ankle Bracelet?

I’m not a big fan of presents for the holidays. I prefer to get gifts just because. Not to follow the crowd.And I also really love giving myself well deserved gifts every once in a while.Review of one of the many designs of gold hop earrings and ankle bracelets by AUrate.Learn all about the brand and what they are all about.

Gold earrings

I’ve wanted to get myself a quality pair of gold earrings and a matching bracelet for ages. However, when I started to do a search, and there were some amazing things to find, I decided to go for an anklet bracelet instead!

I’ve been talking about getting one for over ten years, no joke. They look really sexy and classy in my eyes. And somehow never got around to it.

But now, with matching earrings, I decided to go for it!

Gold Ankle Bracelet

I found AU-Rate while searching and what intrigued me the most about their selection, was the soft feminine styles and the large number of awesome designs to choose from.

However, what truly amazed me was the excellence in customer service and receiving the jewelry. It was almost instant.

The box I received was classy and stylish. Everything about this experience was first class and just what I wanted for treating myself to a long-awaited present. Plus, both items go perfectly with my delicate and discrete sunglasses.

But the very best part of this all was the price. Having the chance to have minimalist, trendy and classy jewelry for a better price. Most shops that offer jewelry with a similar quality and sustainability tend to be much more expensive. That is actually why I allowed myself to get a double treat by getting two pieces. I never felt like I was overspending.

About AUrate New York

AUrate stands for high standards when it comes to jewelry and is looking to transform the fine jewelry industry.

They focus on durable materials built for everyday wear and tear, transparent pricing, and sustainable production to offset the carbon footprint.

Co-founder and designer Sophie strives to create original designs inspired from real, everyday life.

Each piece is designed and handmade using ethically sourced and sustainably made 14K gold, 18K gold, and 14K gold-plated vermeil.

AUrate uses 100% recycled gold. Recycled gold is an amazing resource, able to be repeatedly reused without diminishing in quality and without creating any environmental decay.

The founders, Sophie Kahn and Bouchra Ezzahraoui, are longtime friends from grad school who started Aurate in 2015.

All their jewelry is born, raised, and handmade in NYC.

What are your favorite online stores to buy quality jewellery?

Take a look at this post to get more ideas on the best holiday gifts for travelers. 

*This blog post is in collaboration with Nakturnal!

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Gold Earrings

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