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Going To Barcelona? Best Way To Get From The Airport To The City

From the Gothic Quarter to Nou Camp in Barcelona, there’s no chance that you’ll be short on things to do during your visit. However, when traveling there’s one thing that many people don’t pay much attention to, and that’s how they’re going to get from the airport to their destination. It might seem trivial, but when you actually think about it, have you arranged how you’re going to get from Barcelona airport to the city? There are, of course, many options that you can consider, but which is the best way? What might be the best way for someone else might not be convenient to you, so we’re going to explore the best ways to get from Barcelona airport straight to the city so that you can find the best way for you.Information about airport transfers and transportation for all of those Going To Barcelona.This post filled with info of Going To Barcelona.

Going To Barcelona

Airport transfer

Arguably one of the most convenient ways of getting to your destination, an airport transfer might be an option to consider. Basically, you land, gather your belongings and then head to departure to find your driver waiting to greet you. Super simple right? That’s not the only good thing to look forward to upon landing either because with Welcome Pickups, you’ll have an English speaking driver to make communication easier, they will be on time because they’ll have monitored your flight, and you’re able to make quick and easy changes to your booking if needed. So, if you were to say, add an extra passenger into the journey, your needs would be met without any extra charges! You won’t have to break the bank to use an airport transfer either, as these services usually cost around 50€


If you’re flying to Barcelona then there’s a chance that there are plenty of other people that are heading in the same direction as you too – perhaps even to the same hotel! You may find that a convenient option for you is to search for a coach service that’s going to drop near (if not directly) to your hotel. Again, you won’t have to worry about standing around at the airport because coach drivers will have checked the status of your flight. Not only that, choosing to board a coach might be a cheaper option. However, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s likely you won’t go straight to your destination, so be prepared for a slightly longer journey than if you were to pick an airport transfer.


Pretty much every airport in the world has a bus route running through or near it, and if you’re looking to spend as little as possible to get to your destination from the airport, then a bus might be the choice for you. In Barcelona, buses run every 5 to 10 minutes during the hours of 6.30am – 11.30pm and will cost you around 2.15€ to get you to your destination. Certainly a cheap option, but if your flight is outside of their running times you may have to wait a few hours in the airport. Perhaps you could do some duty-free shopping!


Another option to consider would, of course, be to travel by train. At a lowly cost of around 4€ either way, you can’t really complain that it’s too expensive to travel. With trains leaving every 30 minutes between the hours of 6 am and 11 pm you’re sure to grab the chance to board one if your flight is within these times. Again, if your flight is outside of these times it may mean waiting around at the airport for a few hours. With trains, you can also count on plenty of space for your luggage, air conditioning, and seating to accommodate everyone that’s on the journey with you. Just keep in mind how far the train station is from your room hotel at Renaissance Barcelona Fira Hotel in Barcelona!


Finally, another option would be to jump in a taxi when you reach Barcelona, as there are bound to be plenty waiting for new arrivals. Taxis are very convenient, just like airport transfers. However, prices may vary, and you may find yourself with a driver that can’t speak English, which could become a problem when giving or asking for directions. For those that are traveling on the last minute flight, a taxi would be the perfect option but for those with time to plan, we’d recommend an airport transfer service.

As you can see, there are plenty of options when it comes to traveling from Barcelona airport to the city and we hope that we’ve found the perfect solution for you!

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