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Going Out on the Road? 10 RV Packing Essentials

Roughly 10 million families in the United States own an RV. Many more rent RV’s to affordably explore the country without sacrificing creature comforts.

Whether you’re buying or renting an RV for your next domestic adventure, it’s important that you know what you need to pack to get the most out of your trip. Therein lies the purpose of this write-up!

Below, we break down a list of RV essentials that we’ve seen a ton of travelers forget to bring on the road. By reviewing our list and not forgetting anything on it, even if you’ve never been on an RV trip before, you’ll find yourself traveling like a pro!

RV Essentials

10 RV Essentials You’ll Want to Bring With You

1. A Surge Protector

Almost nobody that goes on their first RV trip thinks about their vehicle’s electrical system. That lack of consideration can be costly.

Many RV’s, especially older models, have fragile circuitry. Given that amount of stress that all of the appliances a family uses on a trip puts on that system, small surges can cause big problems.

Having a surge protector as an intermediary between your appliances and your RV can shut off dangerous connections before they fry your vehicle.

2. A Water Filter

Any campsite that you park your RV at will have a water hookup. The problem is that these hookups are rarely filtered.

Some models of RV’s have internal water filters. If yours does, you can skip this RV essentials suggestion. If yours doesn’t, pick up an RV filter before hitting the road so your family has access to clean drinking water no matter where you are.

3. A Power Generator

Your RV can power your appliances easily while it’s in motion because its engine will generate power. When your RV is parked though, anything that’s plugged into it will drain its battery which can be problematic.

Some RV models circumvent this issue by having an internal power generator. If your RV doesn’t have this benefit baked into it, you’ll want to learn more about solar generators on a website like or propane generators to see which technology would best serve you.

4. An Air Compressor

Nobody that travels in an RV does so with an air compressor… Until, of course, they experience their first flat tire.

Don’t wait for experience to teach you that an air compressor is essential when operating a six+ wheeled vehicle. Buy one ahead of your trip and never leave home without it because eventually, it’s going to bail you out of a tough spot.

5. Hoses

There are two hoses that you’ll need when you’re using an RV. A freshwater hose and a sewage hose.

Your sewage hose will plug into your RV’s septic system and allow you to empty your sewage into a dump site at your campground. Your freshwater hose will allow you to pull fresh water out of your filtered water tank to do everything from participating in recreational activities to drinking.

Fortunately, sewage hoses have a distinct size to them which would make it very difficult to mix it and your freshwater hose up.

6. An RV-Friendly GPS System

When driving your RV, you may want to ditch Google Maps and opt for an RV-focused GPS system.

There are many roads that are not RV-friendly due to narrowness and clearance restrictions. RV GPS systems take these roads into account and put you on paths that you can safely navigate.

7. Two-Way Radios

Two-Way radios are among the most useful RV essentials on our list for two reasons.

For starters, if you and your partner take separate vehicles on RV trips, consider using radios from Motorola with a high quality ranged signal to communicate whilst travelling, this is essential since many roads across the country don’t have cell service. Even if you don’t take two vehicles when traveling, when you’re parked at campsites, cell service might be sparse which could create a dangerous situation when hiking if you split apart from each other.

Two-way radios ensure that you always have a way to communicate.

8. Kitchen Essentials

Before you start your RV and head out on the highway, check your cabinets and tell us what you see? Unless you took the time to stock your cabinets, they’re sitting empty.

Remember, RV’s don’t come with plates, pots, pans, cups and other kitchen essentials. You’ll have to stock those items yourself.

9. A Propane Fire-Pit

One of the most enjoyable aspects of having an RV is parking it and camping outside. To make sure that you can stay warm when camping and cooking outside, invest in a propane fire pit.

Propane pits are affordable and safe to operate in fire-approved areas within a campground.

With a strong fire burning, you and your family can enjoy roasting marshmallows and telling stories all evening long!

10. Miscellaneous Tech

We like to keep tech at a minimum when we’re road tripping. That being said, if your family needs WIFI or other means of technology to function, be sure to arm yourself with a portable hot spot or anything else that you need.

Buying technology in a pinch in rural areas is sure to set you back a whole lot more than it would if you buy from your local big-box store.

Armed With RV Essentials, You’ll Enjoy an Incredible Adventure

There’s something about taking an RV trip that’s unlike anything else that you can enjoy with your family. To get the most out of your time on the road, take to heart our list of RV essentials and arm yourself with them to deal with the ins and outs of life on the road.

If you do, we promise that you’ll have an excellent time!

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