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GoGoPDF: PDF Conversions with JPG and PNG

As you well know, PDFs are one of the most used electronic file formats in this modern age. Aside from their less modifiable and security features, they are lighter and more convenient files. They are easier to handle as they can be shared easily through our online platforms, and they are more convenient to print with any computer device or operating system.

But for people who are particular with extensive image details, it’s a different story. This is where GoGoPDF and PDF conversion comes in. Although PDFs are quite versatile, some are not comfortable using them for their photos. We will identify what this GoGoPDF converter tool is all about and which file type you should use for your images.

PDF Conversions with JPG and PNG

GoGoPDF PDF Converter Tool

There are various selections for PDF conversions. But if you are a more technical photo enthusiast who seeks minute details with high-definition images, you would not settle with PDFs. This free online converter instrument is your best choice to convert PDF to JPG, PNG, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF/A.

Primarily, people convert their PDFs to other file formats for modification purposes. For instance, your PDF requires drastic changes that cannot be performed through basic tools only. This is where you need to transform your PDFs to their most accessible format. Like for compositions, convert to Word. For spreadsheets, convert to Excel, and so forth.

Choosing between JPG and PNG

These two file formats are somewhat challenging to weigh as they both have their strengths. For your information, if you are looking for a more compressed image file format, then you can settle with JPG. But if you are more into editing more details with your images without minding their file size, you can stick with PNGs.

Choosing between these two really depends on your wants and needs. The lossy JPG or JPEG file format is ideal for photographic and realistic images. PNGs work well with line arts and details but come as larger files. Either way, these two file formats are perfect to use for your pictures, and GoGoPDF can convert your PDFs to either of the two!

PDF Conversion Through GoGoPDF

We will now learn how to convert your PDF to either JPG or PNG, depending on your wants and needs. Whether you are using either of the given file formats, the conversion process is the same and straightforward, even for beginners. You can choose your preferred PDF conversion from GoGoPDF’s home page. For this example, click the convert PDF to JPG.

You can drag and drop your PDF to the GoGoPDF dropbox for fast uploading or do the manual upload, and it wouldn’t matter. The uploading phase will only take less than ten seconds and convert automatically to your preferred file format. Take note that the uploading and conversion speed may vary depending on your device and internet speed.

Your freshly transformed JPG can now be download to your files. If you want to share it via e-mail or social media, you can also use its URL and copy-paste it to your preferred destination. Again, the same process is applicable if you wish to convert your PDF to PNG and other file formats.

If you want to convert your files the other way around, you can still take advantage of GoGoPDF’s free services. GoGoPDF offers a good selection of conversions as you can also convert Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, and HTML to PDF! With its two-way converter instrument, you do not have to worry about your electronic files!

Safe For Confidential Files

Are you handling images or PDFs that require proper privacy or confidentiality? Worry not; GoGoPDF works with absolute professionalism and adheres to high consumer privacy standards. The files you upload and operate are ensured to maintain within your visuals only. It has a safe and stable SSL connection to keep your photos and PDFs safe and sound.

Especially if you have sneaky competitors who want to access your files, GoGoPDF is the perfect choice for you. Your files are permanently dispatched from their system after 60 minutes. You can also add password locks and take advantage of their 128-AES encryption protocol to secure your files from any unwanted viewers!


As you can see, GoGoPDF is not limited to converting PDFs, JPGs, and PNGs only. It has extensive capabilities to cater to your modernized needs from this digital era. Take your time to learn more about this online tool, and you will find yourself drawing yourself closer to success!

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