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Goa Tourism – 7 Reasons to Choose Goa As Your Next Holiday Destination

Travel bucket lists and diaries are incomplete without Goa. And let’s be honest, most of us grew up making Goa plans with our school or college buddies. Time to turn those plans into reality. The best part? It won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Boasting of exotic beaches, beautiful churches, irresistible seafood, pleasant days wrapped up with fun nightlife and vibrant music scene; Goa has something for everyone. Pack your bags, folks!Seven of the best reasons why every traveler should visit Goa at least once in their lives.This is a list of best reasons for Goa Tourism.

Goa Tourism

Goa Tourism – 7 Reasons to Choose Goa As Your Next Holiday Destination

For The Love Of Beach

If you are a beach person, you cannot miss Goa. If you are a mountain person then you should definitely visit Goa, your preference might change. When you are tired and exhausted with your daily life, a beach trip is all you need. Beaches have a certain calming effect on you. Frustrated much? Head to Goa and enjoy some old skool swimming in the open waters. Choose the south beaches if you want some quality alone time.

 Friendly Hosts

The people of Goa are amongst the coolest persons you’ll ever meet. Tourism is one of their main economic activity so they are used to meet new faces every day. But their friendly behavior is far more than just professional, they treat you like family. Their smiling faces will never make you feel like you’re in a foreign land. Go for beach villas in Goa for your next visit and see it for yourself.

 Water Sports

If a little bit of thrill and adventure is your cup of tea, then the Goa trip will surely quench your thirst. Water sports like scuba diving, water skiing, white water rafting, flyboarding, jet skiing, banana boat ride and a whole bunch of other options are available there to give you the adrenaline rush. Who said Goa is not adventurous enough?

 Delicious Food

What makes good trips even more memorable? That’s easy, great food! Places that tingles our taste buds stay on our memory for long and Goa is one such place. Goan cuisine has Portuguese influence so there’s something new for you to try. For seafood lovers, it’s nothing less than a paradise. Tip: Try the popular must haves fish curry and vindaloo.

 Partyyy……. Or Don’t!

Most people know Goa as a party hub. Though it is true that it’s the top choice for party lovers, it has the best crowd, touch wood but Goa has a lot more to offer. If you’re looking for some quality alone time, relaxing under the sun, looking at the sunset or the waves crushing, look no further. Whatever your preference, Goa offers the best of both worlds. Party animals to the north, quieter ones to the south. Take your pick.

 Shopping Spree

Shopping is fun in Goa, especially because you can get a hold of lots of things by spending just a few bucks. Funky jewelry, artistic handicrafts, jaw dropping sandals, quirky accessories, handmade bags and the irresistible Boho dresses and other clothing items deserve a special mention. Souvenirs have never been so reasonable. Now go ahead and splurge.

 Budget Friendly

Why do vacation trips have to be so expensive? This question lingers every mind. But don’t worry Goa will not upset your savings. It is one of the most budget friendly destinations in India. Food is cheap, dormitories are available, reaching there by road is feasible and the beach therapy is free of cost! It gives you enough scope to plan your trip according to your tight budget and still enjoy what it has to offer.

Best advice for everyone, travel whenever you can. Nothing can be compared to the joy that traveling brings to you, it makes you a better person and adds valuable years to your life. Now that you know what Goa has to offer, don’t forget to choose this one as your next holiday destination. You won’t regret, and that’s a promise.

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