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Places to Visit in Houston: A Top-Touring List From Texas Locals

Houston is one of those untouched southern tourist gems. It’s a place that people come from all over the country to check out the amazing buildings and unique Texan city culture. The locals might not think of their city as a top tourist destination, but it is. Conventions are all over the place, with various districts hosting events and sporting teams to keep people interested all year round. It also helps the weather is great too!Six of the best Places to Visit in Houston.These places were suggested by locals.In this post, you will find information about Houston trip.

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Places to Visit in Houston: A Top-Touring List From Texas Locals

Places to Visit in Houston

Houston is the vacation spot for a lot of people. There are attractions all over the area and surrounding areas, but we’re going to focus on places inside the city limits of Houston. Check out the 20 things you can do in Houston, Texas.

1. The Houston Astrodome: One of the first attractions on the list is the Dome. Although it has been closed for the public for some time, it’s a great structure to see. Before it is destroyed and turned into something else you’ll want to see it. There is a rich history in the dome with so many great concerts and sports games of the years. It was a bastion of entertainment for years. Drive around the area and check it out.

2. Downtown Tunnels: These tunnels are six miles longs and connect a majority of Houston’s downtown buildings. They’re more than just a cool area to explore, as they are filled with culture beaming with dozens of restaurants and various shops. There’s so much to do in this subterranean complex. There are tours, which are definitely recommended. It’d be easy to get lost without knowing your way around. It’s like a large mall at times where you can read maps and see just where you are.

Major Attractions

Continuing with the almost-mall trend (Houston tunnels), there are some great places for shopping and sightseeing all around the city. Houston hosts some of the most modern and traditional places in the country to see.

3. The Galleria: Mega-malls are everywhere around the country and a great source of community and place to shop. Galleria is one of the most stand out malls, with over 400 different shops, ranging from Gucci to Apple. It’s a great place to do some window-shopping or pick up some serious stuff. There are numerous restaurants to choose from. During the holiday season, the place goes all out.
Market Square Park 300 Travis

4. Market Square Park: This park is a great quaint little area. Take the time to relax and check out all the different activities that can be done. There are multiple little parks, including a dog park and schedule of events to do all day. It’s close to a great mix of bars and restaurants for some good fun.

Places to Visit in Houston Museums & Centers

The many different districts in Houston offer entire buildings of museums and centers to learn and look at beautiful history and art. These are a must stop whilst traveling around the city.

5. Houston Museum District: Museum officials like to boast that while visiting this area you can go all the way around the world without ever leaving the area. There are exhibits spread from European craftsmen to Middle Eastern art. The area houses world-class deals and places to spend time at. All of these different museums in the district are beautifully constructed buildings.

6. Space Center Houston: Houston we have a great problem. You haven’t gone to see this amazing place yet. NASA is home to Houston and it’s one of the reasons they’re called the Astro City. Historical artifacts of our inter-space adventures have been housed at the space center in Houston. There are tons of exhibits and interactive events for the kids and adults to check out. There are also events where you can sit down and have lunch with astronauts. This is a must for anyone interested in space, science and checking out a cool place in Houston.

Overall, Texas has some very unique attractions you are not going to find anywhere else. The districts devoted to these areas are enough of a spectacle alone, you don’t even have to walk into the place to experience it. NASA’s home is one of a kind. You can traverse your way underground and stop and shops and stores, then head above ground to see how we are working on shooting to the stars. Houston has it all and should be a definite visit on your next vacation or planned outing.

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