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Where to Go for a Dog Friendly Summer Holiday

Where to Go for a Dog Friendly Summer Holiday

Packing for a trip can be a sad experience if you are leaving your dog behind. The second he or she sees the bags the head will droop and they will follow you from room to room as you pack. What a surprise it will be for them when you load them and the bags into the car and head off for an adventure. Try to take some of your dog’s toys, blankets, or bowls so that they are comfortable in their new accommodations.

There are lots of places you can go for a dog-friendly summer holiday. Make sure that you do the research beforehand so that you know what you will need to take your dog through the border. If you want to visit restaurants and other public places that allow dogs make sure that your dog has been socialized properly to be able to handle these situations.

Yorkshire, England

Yorkshire is a stunning place to visit with your pet. There are a lot of dog friendly places to stay at and explore with your best friend. Be sure to visit the 5 acre Helmsley Walled Garden where dogs are welcome on leashes in all areas of the garden. You can visit Brimham Rocks, Summerbridge which has wonderful rock formations and will be an ideal playground for your pet.

There are plenty of dog friendly areas on the Yorkshire coast, the beaches which are more off the beaten path are more likely to be free from restrictions. You can walk with your pet around the Robin Hood’s bay which offers spectacular views of the North Sea. The walk around this fishing village is the area around the beach will be a perfect holiday for your pet.

Tuscany, Italy

Camping is a great way to go on holiday with your four legged friend. There are plenty of amazing campsites that welcome dogs. If you’d rather stay in more luxurious accommodation, then there are also a large number of rental homes in Tuscany that also allow dogs. Explore the beautiful area and indulge in the amazing food and wine with your pet by your side. There are plenty of beaches and parks where you can let your dog roam without a leash.

Where to Go for a Dog Friendly Summer Holiday

Brussels, Belgium

Belgium is an extremely dog friendly place and there are plenty of places in the capital city of Brussels that you can take your dog with you. If you fly with Brussels Airlines, you can take your dog in the cabin with you. Ensure that you have worked out how to get to your hotel from Brussels airport in advance so that you and your pet can have a stress free start to your holiday.

You can take your pet to outdoor events and there are even some restaurants and art galleries that you can take your pet to. Be sure to take your dog to parks like Parc de Wolvendael, Parc Tillens, Dilbeek En Pro, and Amicus to enjoy a dog friendly atmosphere.

Munich, Germany

Munich is an exciting city in a Germany and it is a great place to visit with your furry buddy. There are plenty of hotels that will allow dogs to stay and you can even find restaurants that will allow your dog if it is well behaved. If your dog is at all aggressive, make sure that he or she wears a muzzle when travelling on public transit or through crowded streets that may make your dog uncomfortable. Many parks allow your dog off the leash as long as he does not chase the local wildlife.

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