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Where to Go and What to Do on a Date in Las Vegas

Hardly anyone wants to be a cliché and repeat the same scenario for all Date in Las Vegas with a beloved. But we all sometimes have a desire. to impress with ingenuity and creativity.

If you don’t want to die of boredom, you need a constant supply of fresh dating ideas. It doesn’t matter if it’s your very first date or you are in long-term relationships. If you are looking for Las Vegas dating ideas, this article is for you.

Date in Las Vegas

What to Do on a Date in Las Vegas

If both of you are super active and do not like to sit still for a long time, active adventures are what you need.

These are actual date ideas, mostly for those of us who are looking for a committed relationship. If you’re looking for something more casual, check out the best places to find a Las Vegas hookup here.

When it comes to dates, you want some place that has a lot going on and that there is plenty to talk about. The last thing you want is just to site face-to-face and interview each other.

It needs to be fun! With that in mind here are some great options for you:

  • Hit a theme park. There are a lot of such parks in Las Vegas: Circus Circus The Adventuredome, Wet’ n ’Wild, Big Shot, etc.
  • Rent bikes and ride. Don’t forget to take water with you. You can travel around the city or outside, away from the main routes, especially if you aren’t good at it. If it’s too banal, you can use rollerblades or skateboards.
  • Go swimming. It can be a water park or a swimming pool. Compete a little bit.
  • Become volunteers. You can find a lot of organizations on the Net. You will become much closer and do something really good. Plus, it’s a great opportunity for Las Vegas women seeking men to find a good guy.
  • Take dance classes. Choose any style you both like and have fun.

Ideas of “date with a little bit of extreme”

Do you want to feel some adrenaline in your blood? The Las Vegas dating scene has something to offer.

  • Play paintball. Develop the skills of understanding and working with each other.
  • Try skydiving, bungee jumping, or diving.
  • Join the fire show. Be sure to consult about safety.
  • Have fun at the climbing wall or ropes course. Climb Vegas and Red Rock are great places to go.
  • Have dinner on the rooftop — popular places: 107 SkyLounge, Top of the World, The Chandelier.
  • Close your eyes and choose a place on the map. They go there and have a blast.

Ideas of a relaxing date

If the weather is bad or you are simply tired, your soul needs something more relaxing and calming. There are 10 more dating ideas for you.

By the way, if you belong to Las Vegas women seeking men or vice versa, you can turn to online dating services to find one. And then you can enjoy all these date ideas together.

  • Go to a museum of art. The Arts Factory, Metropolitan Gallery, AW Gallery are at your disposal.
  • Go see a concert, opera, any other event with good live music. You can also watch the performance of street musicians.
  • Become members of a pottery club if you love “Ghost” with Demi Moore.
  • Play board games, twister, darts, arcades, table billiards, video games, cards, collect puzzles.
  • Cook together. Let it be the whole dinner with appetizers, first and second courses and, of course, desserts. That will be fun!
  • Try DIY. Create something with your own hands. Find tutorials on YouTube.
  • A date in the bath. If your bath is large enough, you can fill it with water, add foam, sea salt and enjoy each other’s company.
  • Go to the library and read something together. You will like it!
  • Arrange an erotic massage session for each other. It is better to immediately stock up on essential oils or at least creams based on them.
  • Let a guy do his girlfriend’s makeup. Or ask your partner to choose the clothes they like best from the wardrobe. This is a reason to laugh and at the same time get to know your mate better.

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