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Your On-The-Go Checklist for a Smooth and Safe Trip With Your Dog

As the saying goes: “as faithful as a dog”. Dogs are a man’s best pet. As a result, they are an integral part of human life. From the attraction that arises from the bonding, they will always want the dog to accompany them on their trips. It gets a bit hectic since rarely do people know how to pack for their dogs, factoring in safety and comfort. The outlined checklist will help you with your planned trips.Take a look at this quick checklist with things to pack if you are looking forward to going on a Safe Trip With Your Dog

Safe Trip With Your Dog

Checklist for a Smooth and Safe Trip With Your Dog

Dog Food and Treats

Dog food and treats are the most important things you should include in the packing list. The food should be a balanced healthy food that they are used to on a day to day basis. It’s highly recommended that you pack the dry foods to avoid them going bad while on travel. Your dog deserves a treat, and that is why purchasing some soft bites, chews, or treats will be of great help. The Experts from recommend the bites since they help in calming nervous dogs or enhancing joint functionality. Ensure you pack enough for the duration that you shall be away.

Food and Water Bowls

It’s ideal if you carry utensils for your dog’s food servings. A pair of metallic bowls will be suitable for a basic trip since you will be cleaning them after use. Another advantage of these metallic bowls is that they are light and easy to carry around and are easy to clean. To avoid slipping while on use, you should put silicone on the bottom for a firm ground grip. You can also carry a collapsible water bowl that you can use to serve your dog some water. A collapsible bottle is very safe and easy to use, and it’s essential in warm climatic conditions since dogs get thirstier. 

Collar, Leash, and Muzzle

Your dog needs the above accessories as they aid in movement and safety. The leash will be of high use if you plan to have a walk-in public place to avoid accidental bites. A good leash can be made of nylon, leather, or chain. Collars will hold your dog’s information and your contact. This will make his tracing easier in case he gets lost. If your dog had an incident of bites, a dog muzzle would be an essential item to avoid a repeat of such an accident. Also, some states require one to have it while traveling with a dog. Choose accessories that are suitable for your dog based on your preference.

The Dog Bedding

If you are sure of spending nights away, dog  bedding are an essential item. You don’t have to purchase a new bed if the one they are using at home isn’t bulky. If you have to get a bed consider one that can act as a pad on travel creates; this will reduce your luggage. Ensure the bedding are cleaned and disinfected too before and after the journey. 

Poop Bags

On travel, you cannot just let your dog poop on the streets and leave the poops; that is why the poop bags will come in handy; they help in purely cleaning the mess. Buy good quality, pocket, and environmentally friendly bags.

Soap and Brushes

Always carry your dog shampoo, soaps, and brushes for grooming your dog. This improves their appearance, prevents shedding as well as help in relaxing the dog. During grooming, do a health check for wounds and ensure they are well disinfected. For a wound that needs a veterinary visit urgently scheduled.

Safe Trip With Your Dog

Carrier Bags

Dogs’ carrier bags are essential especially when traveling on public means such as trains and airplanes. You need to get a small, soft carrier bag that will fit your dog comfortably. Ensure that you get the right specifications since most types of airlines and trains outline the required specifications required for dogs’ carrier bags. It should be lightweight, easy to carry with straps, and strong enough to avoid tearing while on the way. You can include a blanket inside it to ensure maximum comfort. To some airlines, dogs usually get charged fees for the trip. This situation means you need to check with your airline on the cost. You may want to prepare just in case your dog gets nervous by getting washable diapers for dogs.

Other things you need to consider are the dog’s seat belts, soft towels, dog’s outfits, medicine, and traveling documents. This packing will ensure that your travel is safe and stress-free. You should also not forget its toys to play along, especially if you have a very active camping dog. When going on vacation, your dog is going on vacation too. Ensure it enjoys as much as you do by following the tips provided in this article.

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