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14 Reasons you Should Give Up your Job and go Campervanning Around Australia

Wow, it’s been a while – hasn’t it? When was the last time you grabbed your beach towel, hit the sand, and soaked up some sun?

Too long.

That’s how long.

Here’s 14 reasons to go campervanning around Australia:

VW Campervan and period pram
Photo by: ian mcwilliams

1. You’ll get that special sixth sense that only people travelling seem to get, where everything makes sense and you figure out exactly what you want and how you can do it.
2. Because the movie Wolf Creek was terrifying, but you still want to check it out. You maverick you.
3. Because you will meet new friends. Let’s be honest, your current friends are pretty awful. If you met them now you probably wouldn’t be friends with them. They wouldn’t even remember your birthday if it wasn’t for Facebook, and Rob still owes you $20 and makes you feel bad when you ask about it. Why doesn’t Rob get it’s not about the money? It’s the respect. Don’t worry, I get it.
4. Because after venturing into the outback every particle and crevice of your skin, car, clothing, and being will be coated in a fine red dust. You’ll never get rid of it and people will ask “what’s up with the red dust?” You’ll answer you got it in the Australian outback, and follow it up with an amazing story of a sunset, and then they will make love to you because you are interesting and that’s cool.
5. You’re on your fifth coffee for the day, and you still feel awful. Life has no meaning.
6. If you fly into Perth you can watch the sunset over the water, which is wonderful because after all of those drinks the night before there’s no way you’d be able to wake up for sunrise. Starting off on the Western coast also means you can organise your campervan there, or as you like to call it, The Freedom Machine. Thankfully campervan rental perth don’t judge your creative naming.
7. When you travel, you allow yourself to be creative. Away from the heaviness of routines and responsibilities and “I should do this,” you open your mind to new ideas and are willing to try new things. You also allow yourself to pash french backpackers and drink suspiciously bright cocktails with crude names.
8. Because you will go snorkelling in Far North Queensland. You could go for an afternoon, a weekend, or just live there forever and have fabulous salty hair for the rest of your days and wear bracelets made of shells.
9. Because you have a vitamin D deficiency and your bones are falling apart inside of you. Three seconds in the Australian sun will fix you, maybe even burn you. You should really take sunscreen.
10. You can finally read the tower of novels on your bookstand. Wait, is that dust? When was the last time you read for pleasure?
11. You’ll be nicer. We’re not sure the exact science, but people are always nicer when they travel. There’s a reason why people feel comfortable leaving their stuff out in campsites – people are just nicer when they travel.
12. Because you haven’t slept a full night for over a year. It probably started around the time you got that passive aggressive supervisor; did someone say micro manager? Yes, you did.
13. Because you’re so weak that if you tried to pull the tab on a tin of tuna your arm would probably be torn off. The only muscles in your body worth anything are the ones you use to type or text. Travelling will help you rebuild your body in the real world.
14. Because surfing is awful, but you need to figure that out for yourself. You’ll look like an idiot, your board will hit you in the face at least 50 times, you’ll swallow a litre of salt water, and your eyes will look like someone attacked them with a bleach soaked nail brush, but you’re still going to try it. So go on, give it a crack. I’ll be on the sand with a cold beer and my book when you’re finished.

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