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Time To Leave the Kids with Dad – Girls Only, Getaway Ideas

Sorry boys, but a holiday with the girls is one like no other. Shrieking laughter, face ache from smiling too much, outfit planning, make up, shoe swapping and a head full of memories – these are all things that come as standard with any girls’ holiday.

Traveling with the family is the best but holidays with a group of my best female friends is also among my favorites, and despite the obligatory argument, thanks to one too many vinos, these kind of holidays are always loads of fun. Even moms need some time away with her best friends.

returning back to the posada

The last all-girls break I went on was a week-long laughter-fest to Benidorm. Yes, we did the tourist thing, we were literally like something out of the TV programme, but it was fun with a capital F, and that was truly all that mattered. There are fantastic destinations perfect for this kind of friends-only holiday, from city breaks, to beach holidays. A week long sun-soaking mission to Lanzarote is on this year’s agenda, and to make the whole thing that little more special, we’ve booked into one of the many airport hotels on offer.

I’ve done this several times before and the experience is one I’ve repeated thanks to the fantastic level of service I’ve received, the low cost, and convenience. Our flight to Lanzarote leaves at 7am, and because we’re unlucky enough to live 90 minutes away from the airport, we took the easy decision to book one of the Birmingham Airport hotels from Holiday Extras, meaning no need to leave the house at stupid o’clock, and giving us the perfect excuse for gossip and cocktails the night before.

City breaks are a great idea for a girly break, as there’s the added bonus of great shopping and night-life wherever a city springs up. Milan has to be my favourite, and although none of us could really afford any of the designer gear we eyed up as we window shopped our way through the streets, it was great fun looking and pretending that one day we might be able to sweep into one of the stores and splash the cash! Of course, Paris is another fashion shopping powerhouse idea, and New York too, for that true Sex and the City vibe. A girly trip to New York is certainly on my to-do list.

Of course, shopping trips do tend to make a hole in the bank account, so it’s worth saving money on your extras wherever possible. If, like us, you’re flying early from Ireland, check out the range of Dublin Airport hotels from Holiday Extras and be prepared to be shocked at the low prices. A tired, grouchy start to any holiday is a no-no in my book, so don’t start your friends-on-a-jolly holiday on the wrong foot.

Wherever you choose, friendship and exploring new places is a combination that goes together extremely well. Enjoy your girly holiday, and keep those memories forever.

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