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Gift Ideas When Traveling

With vaccinations being issued and countries establishing travel pathways, many of us will be back on the road by the end of the year. Gift buying for times like Christmas and Birthdays can be difficult when being on the other side of the world, but it doesn’t mean we should ignore buying gifts and celebrating – even if we’re not physically around.It’s important to plan Gift Ideas When Traveling before setting off to travel.There are companies prepare gifts to add extra special touch.

Gift Ideas When Traveling

Personalized gifts

When trying to avoid impersonal gifts, it can be made harder not being there in person. Fear not, though, as there are entire companies dedicated towards personalizing traditional gifts to add that extra special touch.

For example with, or we can receive $20 off for orders at Personalization Mall, a site with everything from baby gifts to glassware, picture frames, and ornaments. Engraving a name, date, or a personal message can somewhat make up for the fact you’re not around, bringing extra sentiment and meaning to the gift.

Local goods

The recipient of your soon-amazing present is going to be interested in where you have been traveling to yourself, which is why buying local gifts can be a great idea. It can often mean giving them the gift when returning home (unless you send it via postal service), but it’s worth the wait!

It’s likely that where you are right now has a local market, where you can pick up crafted goods that reflect the culture and materials of that country. For example, a handmade Spanish leather wallet from a market when visiting Andalucia. Try not to resort to gift-shop tourist products, such as a Mallorca keychain or Nicosia ashtray – try to be a bit more creative.

It’s also a good idea to keep a journal entry of where you picked the gift up from. Down the line, this can really pay off, as you will have a record of its story – where it comes from, who sold it to you, and what the context was.

Canvas and photos

There has been an increase in competitive-priced photo printing companies. What’s great about these is that they’re often geared towards gifts already, so you may even wrap up the print nicely, or write your personal message alongside it. 

You can use old family photos, or even a great picture you’ve taken whilst traveling, to order online. For under $30, you can often send a good-sized canvas of your desired photograph printed in high quality which can be hung on the wall.

Packing with gifts in mind

It’s important to plan your gift buying before setting off to travel. If you know you’re away for the next 3 months, have a think about whose birthday it may be during that time, or what special occasions there might be.

If you do this prior to leaving, you can pack accordingly. So, leaving a couple of liters worth of space in your backpack can mean you can pick up local goods and bring them back home. Otherwise, sending them home can be an option, but it’s likely going to take a couple of weeks depending on where you are.

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