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Gift Ideas for Those Who Travel

Buying gifts for those travel – either from choice or necessity – can be a challenge. Many travelers prefer experiences over materialistic things, after all. They spend all of their time searching for exotic locales, and exploring new and different places or activities. But with that said, whether they are a back-country backpacker, a social media shutterbug, or a fly-fishing aficionado, there are still some excellent gift ideas for the traveler in your life. These eight gift ideas are sure to help them improve their adventures and enjoy the journey as much as the destination.Eight travel gift ideas that will inspire you when it comes to getting something special to the traveler in your life.

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travel gift ideas

Air Travel

The most important element for any traveler is, first and foremost, the trip itself. If you’re struggling to decide what the perfect gift for a loved one could be, you should opt for something that’s 100% compatible with any traveler: experiential travel. You can take a look at what companies like Sky hour have to offer, and soon enough you’ll see that gifting skyhours is the easiest way to give someone the opportunity to achieve their travel goals. The receiver can accrue enough sky hours not only from your gift but from other gifts as well, which they will be able to use towards booking their desired flights.

Road-trip emergency kit

If your loved one goes on a lot of road trips, an in vehicle emergency kit is a must have, especially if they travel a lot in the winter. An emergency kit should have a blanket, warm gloves, extra outerwear, a shovel, first aid kit, and a flashlight and batteries. Water bottles are important to have on hand in the event of an emergency year round. It is also important to have jumper cables and an ice scraper and brush in any road-tripping vehicle.

Camera gear

Winter photography can produce beautiful shots. If your friend loves to take pictures outdoors, consider thinsulate gloves with expedition over-mitts to keep fingers warm in between shots. Chemical hand warmers are another great gift for photographers. Believe it or not, cameras also feel the cold, so think about gifting your shutterbug with extra camera batteries. A balaclava or neck gaiter will also assist in keeping warm breath from forming condensation on their camera’s lens.

Winter fishing equipment

Cold-weather fishing can be incredibly rewarding, and the scenery at a winter fishing hole can’t be beat. But your favorite fisherman needs the right equipment to keep warm and to catch fish. Insulated socks and boots as well as head warmers and gloves can really improve the comfort and quality of fishing trips. And don’t forget the actual equipment! No fisherman can have enough nets and poles. Specialized bait can also improve the results of ice and winter fishing trips.

Journals and commemorative passports

For the travel writer in your life, consider a waterproof journal and pen. A notebook with water-resistant pages is just what they need to keep track of every beautiful detail of their journeys. Paired with weatherproof pens or pencils, this gift is sure to elicit a poetic thank you note. You might also consider one of the many commemorative passport books created for the National Parks System or other public lands, which allows people to track their travels with stamps and stickers.

Camping essentials

If camping is their trip of choice, how about some supplies to upgrade their campsite. A new tent or camp chairs can really elevate their accommodations. Campers also need cooking gear, coolers, and insulated thermos. If they already have all of the essentials, how about a fun game for before the sun goes down. A personalized bocce ball, corn hole set, or horseshoes set could be the perfect thing for enjoying an afternoon at camp, as well.

Hiking gear

Winter hiking can be challenging, rewarding, and eye-opening. For hikers in your life, how about a new backpack or trekking poles. For night hikes, a lantern or headlamp is a must have. For birding, there’s always binoculars. Every hiker should also have a compass and a whistle for when they feel like blazing their own trail. Finally, an annual pass for the National Parks, known as the America the Beautiful pass, is a thoughtful gift that keeps on giving for frequent hikers.

Stargazing and eclipse viewing equipment

Stargazing and eclipse-viewing can be as simple as tossing a blanket on the ground or as complicated as carrying multiple telescopes and specialized glasses to an isolated summit. For night-sky viewing, consider night-vision binoculars. For those who like to watch solar and lunar eclipses, There are certified glasses for safe eclipse viewing.

With one of these gift ideas, you are sure to give the travel lovers in your life an unforgettable gift. They will have something to enhance their travels and remember you as they explore the great wide world.

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