Getting Comfortable – The Ruby Cup for That Travel Time of the Month

Travel: far and wide, and most of all, varied. It can take you through the depths of the Egyptian desert, the mountains of Chile or the metropolitan heart of Tokyo in one sweeping month. It can be a weekend away in Madrid or a sabbatical in Vancouver. It’s not all fun and games, however. Wherever your wanderlust happens to take you, nature will follow as it always does, once every monthly cycle. The best way to manage it? Well, here’s one possible solution.How you can deal with your period in a much easier way while traveling with the Ruby Cup.Learn all about menstrual cup reviews.

The Ruby Cup for That Travel Time of the Month
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The Ruby Cup, A Run Down Menstrual Cup Reviews

Forget tampons and pads. They take up space in baggage, cost a bunch and do considerable damage to the environment every year. Consider instead the Ruby Cup. A one size fits all menstrual cup reviews that’s easy to wash, replace and fit, it covers leakages like a pro. Made of medical grade silicone, it has a use-life of up to ten years – rather than a couple of hours like some alternatives. Do the math and you’ll find that’s pretty cost effective. There are three colors: the classic clear white, a trendy blue and a medium pink. So what’s the verdict? This thing, and other cups like it, is quite frankly a godsend. Hiking the Appalachian trail has never been so easy. A little rinse, a little water every now and then, and you’re good to go all day long.

It’s hygienic, Eco-friendly, affordable and light. It’s a product that works with women all over the world, particularly in third-world countries, to maintain basic dignity and function, by offering a buy-one, give-one service that entails a donation of a product for every product bought.

Wear Those Fur-lined Boots A Run Down Menstrual Cup Reviews

Beyond products like the Ruby Cup, there are all sorts of things you can do to ease the body and distract the mind while traveling, no matter your situation. Got a smartphone? Excellent. Mobile gaming is bigger and better than ever, and whether you’re on a hostel PC clicking away or laid up with your tablet in bed, a game or two of jackpot bets and wagers is enough to brighten anyone’s day. With welcome bonuses and new year boons, you’ll be smiling away in no time. Read more here.

There’s no shame in slowing down whilst traveling, whether for your period, for illness, or fatigue. The Ruby Cup and various over the counter medicines provide welcome relief for some of these things, but an extra hour or two of decent quality sleep can be just as important. Eat well, eat carefully and take whatever steps are appropriate for your trip or travel. A few basics that can be a life saver whilst on in the field? Lip balm, baby wipes, deodorant, dry shampoo and hand wash can all help make you feel a little more human when the need arises, particularly during or after a long flight. A bottle for clean water on your person at all times maintains hydration, and comfortable, well-fitting clothing (shoes most of all!) keep you moving in comfort.

Wherever you find yourself in the world next, try the Ruby Cup. Bring your little laptop or tablet, get set up, then weather the storm with games and peace of mind.

Last Updated on December 14, 2021

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