Best Way of Getting Around in Vancouver

Exploring Vancouver is a breeze when you know which transport option to take. If you are getting around downtown, public transit is your best choice.

buildings and body of water in Vancouver

Some of the different methods of transport include:

1. Vancouver transit system

The Vancouver transit system, run by the public transportation authority TransLink is essential for life in Greater Vancouver. VTS includes buses, seabus ferry services, and SkyTrain rapid transit options, providing easy access to all parts of Metro Vancouver.

Take your pick between the reliable and frequent buses running 24/7 or the SeaBus ferry that crosses Burrard inlet between downtown Vancouver and North Vancouver. The SkyTrain systems link different neighborhoods together with its three advanced rapid lines. Take advantage of convenient, affordable, and efficient public transportation today.

2. HandyDART

HandyDART is a disability-driven door-to-door transportation option for those who need extra public transport assistance. With an accessible fleet of vehicles with lifts or ramps and friendly drivers, customers can enjoy the Independence to travel around their community with peace of mind.

HandyDART offers pre-booked trips up to 7 days in advance and same-day requests, available online or over the phone, or by visiting our local offices. Additionally, they provide extra services such as courtesy sitting and help with transfers at no additional cost. At HandyDART, we strive to make each journey easy, comfortable, and safe for all our customers. 

3. West Coast Express

This is the most convenient way to get from Mission to downtown Vancouver. No matter if you are a local commuting to work or school, or a traveler looking for city-wide exploration without costly parking fees, the West Coast Express has you covered. Indulge in modern amenities like free Wi-Fi and spacious seating areas on your journey. Rely on the West Coast Express for hassle-free transportation at its best.

4. BC Ferries

BC Ferries is a convenient transportation option providing British Columbia’s coastal Islands with easy access for residents and visitors alike. With over 35 routes connecting 47 terminals,  the ferry system connects many passengers and vehicles annually.

Vessels range from small craft carrying up to four cars to two large double-ended fairies with room for many passengers and vehicles. On top of transportation, BC Ferries provides amenities such as cafes, kid’s clubs, shopping areas, lunges, and much more. Committed to customer satisfaction, they are one of North America’s leading passenger ferry operators. With their reliable service and various features, BC Ferries offer a spot and enjoyable experience for all travelers. 

Aquabus and False Creek Ferries

With regular ferry services offered by these two independent companies, enjoy a delightful experience as you explore some of Vancouver’s most popular destinations from a different perspective. Embark on an Unforgettable Journey with Arquebus and False Creek Ferries.

Sail around False Creek in the heart of Vancouver, taking in the Majestic views of the glittering city skyline and the North Shore Mountains. Hop between Granville Island, Olympic Village, Science World, and Yaletown, stopping at David Lam Park, Charleson Park, and the Plaza of Nations Marina for some extra sightseeing. 


Vancouver is working hard to establish cycling as a viable alternative source of transportation within its exuberant streetscapes. The city has made it easier and safer for cyclists to move around the busy downtown districts with an abundance of dedicated bike Lanes and paths that are removed from motor vehicles. Furthermore, cycling can bring numerous benefits, including decreased traffic congestion, reduced carbon emissions, improved physical health due to its low-impact nature, and an opportunity for leisure rights in the fresh air. With continuous improvement efforts towards its cycling infrastructure, Vancouver hopes to invite more people on board with this sustainable form of transportation.

SkyTrain system

The SkyTrain in metro Vancouver is a necessary form of public transportation. Conveniently connecting passengers to urban and suburban areas, the SkyTrain runs on an electrical network of elevated trains. This efficient and reliable system relegates lengthy commutes to the past. Riders can appreciate how well-maintained their stations are, and their spaciousness ensures a comfortable wait. For added safety, modern vehicles feature side door barriers to prevent people from accidentally falling onto the tracks.

Benefits of the SkyTrain


SkyTrain is an economical and dependable way to explore metro Vancouver. Running frequently all day long, it is the go-to transportation for those who utilize its continuously. It uses electricity, which is inexpensive to produce and upkeep, enabling it to keep fares low and make it more accessible for many people. Plus, the automated system requires fewer personnel costs, keeping operational budgets low and solidifying sky train status as a budget-friendly way of traveling around Greater Vancouver.


SkyTrain makes traveling simple and stress-free, with multiple routes available to serve passengers at all hours of the night and day. Not only are trips reliable due to a lack of cancellations or delays, but safety is also guaranteed. Passengers can fully use bright stations and CCTV surveillance, particularly transit police keeping watch throughout. With SkyTrain, you will always get where you need to in comfort and peace of mind.

Environmentally Friendly

The SkyTrain system is a vital infrastructure piece in metro Vancouver, enabling thousands to get where they want to go without overloading roads with excessive vehicle pollution. Unlike traditional methods of public transportation, electric trains impact the environment significantly less. This eco-friendly mode of transportation reduces emissions, allowing commuters to get around quickly and efficiently while reducing their carbon footprint.


Safety is paramount on the SkyTrain, with security personnel regularly patrolling and modern safety features in place. In an emergency, riders are just a radio call away from speedy assistance. There are also bright red phones located conveniently around each station that ensure Swift contact with the police or paramedics. Sky train operators also take proactive steps to promote safety, providing announcements about proper etiquette and how to evacuate for any type of emergency.

Vancouver’s dazzling array of transportation modes makes the city a pinnacle for travelers. From the Epic Rides bus to Whistler to the prompt and dependable SkyTrain, there is not a single reason why you should miss the stunning metropolis. Whether you are commuting around the town quickly or delving into a marvelous day excursion, Vancouver public transit makes it easy to embrace all the area has to offer.

Last Updated on March 14, 2023

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