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Getting an Education and Traveling

Studying or having kids on school age doesn’t necessarily mean that you are stuck in one place and can only travel during the time when school is off. Leaving everything behind and embarking on an adventure to explore other countries. If you are studying, have you considered looking for a university in a foreign country? Or perhaps if you have kids in school age you can personally teach them as you travel, this is now legal in many countries.


Here are 5 Tips for Parents interested in World schooling

What to do about school? Is a common question asked by all travel lovers when their kids start going to school. Thankfully there is home schooling, or as it is commonly called among the traveler’s community world schooling.

There is no absolute rule when it comes to teaching you kid from home, or as you travel, even if schools offering these programs have guidelines. Each family is different with unique needs, circumstances and even personalities. And there are as many methods out there as families. But there are a couple recommendations that might be helpful for those getting started in this lifestyle.

1. Start by asking yourselves: What are your goals, the ones for your children and for your family? Setting goals can lead you to your starting point and developing a method.
2. Technology is a great thing, you can have it all right there, just a click away, but be careful. It is important to balance technology with the outdoors. Learning how to use the most recent gadgets is important, but experiencing nature and socializing are also needed.
3. Things will be easier for everyone if you make ‘study time’ something normal, an everyday thing, a habit. Of course you start doing this from a young age; they won’t even notice it is school, it won’t be a chore.
4. Another thing you can do from the start is to teach them about how cool reading can be. This will take a lot of work of your shoulders later on. They will learn as they read and loving every minute of it.
5. If you are worried about things to develop their creativity or other languages, there is always skype, or other great services online.

Perks of Studying Abroad

If you have just graduated school and have the dream of getting a degree from a university, but at the same time you’d like to get to know the world, different countries and cultures. It is a good idea to go online and find the sites of different universities that accept international students and ask for the programs the offer. There are many things that can make studying abroad a fun, learning experience. Here are a couple of advantages of combining traveling with school.

1. First you learn how to be on your own. You will be away from home, you know no one. It is a completely different culture and sometimes a different language.
2. Since you will be spending some time in that place you don’t only get to experience a bit of their culture, you are fully immersed in it.
3. It looks good on a resume. Even if you don’t assist to the best university in the world, the skills learned while studying away from home are appreciated by possible bosses.
4. Once you are done, chances are you won’t have many things tying you down to a specific place. This literally opens your mind to a world of opportunities.
5. On vacation you can take short trips to neighboring countries. See more interesting places, meet more people, and keep on learning.

As you can see studying doesn’t necessarily mean having to stay in one place. It can be a fun experience. So let the world be your school. You won’t regret it!

Paul Stephen writes from Nipissing University, which offers bachelor of business degree programs that provide both in-depth business knowledge and broad personal experiences to deliver more than just a degree. Engage one-on-one with award-winning faculty.

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