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Get Your Big Brake – 5 Realistic Cycling Goals To Gear Up To

Cycling is a passion shared by many as it demands more than just an average performance. It’s the grueling push that makes us feel lighter than air when we dismount after a huge ride, proud of our output and prouder still of our time. After a while, you collect many of these moments, and start longing for greater heights that you can reach and conquer. Wherever you are in your cycling experience, here are 5 realistic cycling goals you can gear up to.

Cycling Goals

Get Your Big Brake – 5 Realistic Cycling Goals To Gear Up To

1. Incorporate cycling into your commute

Look, you are never going to break speed PB’s on your ride to work, but you would be surprised by what this increased frequency will do for your form and confidence. You may find that your road dominance starts getting better, or that you improve at managing your time on the road. Incorporating mountain bikes into your commute will be a goal that will yield growth over time, putting you in an overall better position for when those important rides come up.

2. Increase your speed by 1mph

Forget about what you think you can do, and cast your mind back to a time when you couldn’t imagine averaging the speed that you are pacing today. Progress happens, and it happens quicker if you have a specific number in mind to inch away at achieving. There are many accessories and cycling apps to measure your speed, so grade yourself against only one device so that there is no variance and you get a true indication of where you are at.

3. Go hill hunting

There is only one way to tackle a hill, and you can’t go under it. Cyclists don’t have the luxury of bypassing inconvenient or challenging routes, nor should we. These moments define us as cyclists and demonstrate why not just everyone can be a cycle. Find some big hills in your area (come on, you know where they are) and start from the smallest and scale up. Mountain biking endurance has many positive advantages that will have a knock-on effect on your craft, allowing you to perfect your everyday cycling skills.

4. Start competing

If you haven’t yet thought of yourself as a cycle ready to compete, ask yourself why. The barrier to entry is not as high as you would think, and you’ll never know how you stack up in the big leagues until you take the plunge. Cycling events and competitions are also a great way to meet new cycles that will drive and inspire you, as you continue to attend races together and keep tabs on each other’s performance. One of the added benefits of competing is that the trails and tracks usually reside in beautiful locations spread across Australia and beyond. The perfect way to see the world, and improve your body and mind. Are you thinking of getting your own bike to join a cycling event? There are many great online bike stores in Australia, including bicycles online.

5. Set limitations

To become an objectively great cycle, you need to be able to perform under all conditions. Setting limitations means committing to a certain gear or grade for a whole day or cycling session. This will allow you to get uncomfortable and then comfortable with every speed and gear of your bike and allow you to stick with it long enough that you can make it work for you. Not every ride will be in your optimal state, so consider this as resistance training.

If you are considering future goals and the next stages of your cycling career, you have the commitment and stamina to be one of the greats. Just like when you are on the roads, don’t be looking at everyone else on the bike and wondering what they are doing. Channel that laser focus on obliterating your PB’s.

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