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How to Get a Working Italian Citizenship in EU

Italy has always been a world-class destination for tourists and workers alike. The country has its own definitive charm which is rooted in its beautiful landscapes, rich historical background, and unique culture. There is a lot that this country has to offer which is why the clamor for obtaining Italian dual citizenship has been in demand because you can get to enjoy what Italy has to offer and so much more. Not only in this country, but you also get to take advantage of the perks of going across the EU without having the need to apply for a visa every time. If you wish to apply for citizenship, here is a guide to help you in obtaining yours. How to get a Working Italian Citizenship and the reasons why it might be a good option.Learn everything about Working Italian Citizenship.

Working Italian Citizenship

Why You Should Get an Italian Citizenship in EU

Your dual citizenship can present incredible opportunities for you not just in Italy but in other member states of the EU. Aside from the chance of participating in cultural exchanges, you can choose to work and maintain a residence in any of the 27 member states. You get to be prioritized over foreign applicants of many opportunities in employment and education. You can also purchase property on a more cost-effective process so you save money while trying to find your dream home. One of the best things is that you are entitled to all the healthcare benefits that the public medical care has to offer and you can send your children to a high-quality public education. If they are under 18 years old, you can transfer citizenship to them automatically. Cementing your citizenship is the privilege to participate in the election of choosing for the next Italian Parliament representative from your region.

Other Advantages

Aside from the freedom that allows you to relocate to Italy and any of the other members of the European Union, you also get to enjoy the security of being able to come and go as you please. There is emotional security in knowing that you can always go back to your roots with ease and without needing to go through the process of obtaining a visa and other tedious processes. The Italian passport is your key in living, studying, and working in the EU with total access to the other European Union benefits because the citizenship for one is the citizenship of the Union.

 Consular Protection and Human Rights Safeguard

The consular protection you get to enjoy while traveling abroad will make you feel more secure. Even if you are traveling to a place with no Italian government representation, you can go to any embassy of the other members of the European Union and ask for assistance should you encounter problems and require assistance. While residing inside its borders, you are also entitled to the protections of the European Convention on Human Rights. It contains one of the strictest privacy laws in the whole world so you get to enjoy a private life and the other privileges stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Working Italian Citizenship

How to Get Your Working Italian Citizenship

There are different main ways of getting an Italian passport. One is getting it through a residence permit. You would need patience in waiting for it but it is considered to be one of the most secure. It starts by applying for a temporary permanent residence permit. Non-EU citizens must establish residence for a minimum of 10 years while EU citizens can already obtain their citizenship after living in Italy for 4 years. The same time frame is used for people who are applying for citizenship based on an employment visa. These are just some of the ways of how you can get to be a naturalized Italian citizen. Aside from that, you can check your eligibility for Italian dual citizenship through blood right given one of your parents is Italian as there is an automatic transfer to a child. You don’t have to choose only one because you get to have dual citizenship. Even children by adoption can enjoy this right. You can also obtain your citizenship by marriage to an Italian national. The great thing for spouses is that there is no required language test but only requires it lasts the process of application.

The Process

The application starts with the Minister of Interior. You have to pay the appropriate taxes and you are made to swear loyalty to Italy and observe it’s laws and constitution. Some of the most basic documents you have to submit are your birth certificate, certificate of residence, certificate of parent’s Italian citizenship, and marriage certificate. It all depends on which applies to you and other requirements can be requested to support your application. It can take years and a lot of money to complete the whole application but it will be worth it once you are able to obtain your working Italian citizenship because you get to enjoy all of its privileges, protection, and entitlement.

Moving to Italy

You can finally settle in Italy with lesser taxes and easier process of buying your own property which includes land, house, and even vehicles. Finally being allowed to real estate ownership is one of the major benefits that your dual citizenship can afford you. Aside from this, you get the opportunity to choose the kind of employment you want and also work in different countries with added ease and security. If you prefer to put up a business, you may do so and obtain many tax benefits. This is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs because you can easily start your own company in this country. And when you wish to take a vacation, the freedom of movement you get will give you access to the best destinations in Europe.

Your right to be citizenship in Italy also earns you the right to access the other countries who are members of the EU. That is more than doubling the opportunity and you can all get the advantages after you have completed the process. There is a great life waiting for you in Italy should you wish to pursue working Italian citizenship for you and your family as well. 

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