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How to Get The Most of a Travel Rewards Card

If you travel a lot, you might already know about the benefits of having travel reward credit cards instead of a regular one. They offer benefits that might help you save. However, there are a few things that you should be aware of to maximize the benefits.

4 Tips to make the best of your travel reward credit cards:


1. Ask for secret benefits
The basic premise of travel credit cards is that you generate frequent flier miles. But if you do a good research you might find that there are ways you can use them to get extra benefits on your trips, like discounts. So get started with that research.

2. Ask about foreign transaction fees
There are credit cards that charge for transaction fees if you are abroad. However there are lots out there that don’t charge for it. But if your card does charge, instead of changing it you can always ask if you can be charged in dollars wherever you are.

3. Let your credit card provider know you will be away
To avoid getting your cards canceled, always let your credit card provider that you are going abroad. Even travel credit cards can be blocked if the company doesn’t know you are traveling. And make sure there is a way to get in touch with the wherever you are.

4. Make everyday purchases with your travel rewards card
If you want to get more free flights make your regular purchases with your travel card. Making more flier miles means saving on your next trip! So start getting your groceries, gas, etc with your card.

It’s time to take out your cards and make the most of them!

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