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How to Get Stains out of Baby Clothes and Make it look Brand New

Finding ways to get stains out of baby clothes? Here’s how to make it clean and smell fragrant and new. Let me show you how!I can’t stop talking about my baby. When it comes to taking care of baby, I don’t run out of friendly advice. Yet, when I glance at the laundry, my heart would sink!Crib sheets, bibs, shirts and so on, all stained with either food, pee or vomit. How to get stains out of baby clothes? Do you have the same dilemma as me?

Baby Clothes - How to wash them

If you dream of snowy white linens, spot-free bibs, and immaculate baby clothes, let’s try out these simple tips on how to wash baby clothes.

New Clothes Baby Clothes? Wash them first!

I know that the smell and feel of newly bought clothes are wonderful. However, as much as I want my baby to try it on right away, I just can’t. These new clothes may have been exposed to dust, rodents and other insects.

Aside from that, some new clothes are coated with certain chemicals to repel stains while still being shipped or displayed at stores. Being in contact with those may irritate the baby’s skin. Wash the clothes first before letting your baby wear them.

The Basics when washing baby clothes:
● Use mild detergent in washing baby clothes. It may irritate the skin.
● Don’t apply fabric softeners that contain dyes and heavy perfumes.
● Read the care label before washing any fabric.

Baby Clothes - How to wash them

Easy Steps on How to Get Stains Out of Your Baby Clothes

I have tried trial and errors when it comes to washing baby clothes. It usually takes a lot of time. I won’t mind if it ends up a success but if it isn’t, it freaks me out.

However, now that I’ve had four kids, it basically sounds so simple.

1. Use Oxygen Bleach
Oxygen bleach is just a combination of baking soda and washing soda. Don’t worry, this solution is safe for both white and colored fabrics because it is chlorine-free. This is perfect for tough stains like poo and hardened food.

How to do it:

  1. Wash the fabric using cool water.
  2. Mix the oxygen bleach powder with water enough to create a paste.
  3. Rub the paste into the stain. You can use or hands or an old toothbrush to make it easier.
  4. Set it aside for ten minutes. Inspect the fabric and make sure all the power’s gone and then rinse.

If successful, proceed to dry the fabric.

If you’re done with above steps but the stubborn stains are still there, repeat steps number one to three and better soak the fabric overnight.

Baby Clothes - How to wash them

2. Use Enzyme Detergent
Usually, most of the detergents contain these protein-like enzymes. They are popular on being very effective on taking out stains. Just in case, look for the following ingredients when buying detergents.

Different kind of enzymes for detergents:

  • Amylase or protease- for blood, food and milk stains
  • Lipase- for oily stains
  • Cellulase- keeps fabric stain white

Steps on how to do it:

  1. Wash fabric with cool water.
  2. Use a detergent containing an enzyme that is applicable to the kind of stain.
  3. Set it aside for a while, then proceed on rinsing.

3. Use Rubbing Alcohol
Don’t apply pure alcohol during washing. You need to dilute it first with water to be safe.

Steps on how to do it:

  1. Wash fabric with cool water.
  2. Soak it for an average of fifteen minutes.
  3. Proceed with rinsing if the stain’s gone. If it’s still there, do the soaking again.
  4. Rinse

Baby Clothes - How to wash them

Remember, before placing the clothes in the washer,

✓ Remove remaining poop, food or other tidbits of what caused the stain.
✓ Don’t let clothes stay stained for long. The longer the stain on the fabric, the harder it is to remove.
✓ If the fabric has been soiled for a long time, it’s best to soak first with warm water to soften the dirt.
✓ Setting the washer to the highest temperature helps a lot particularly on tough stains.
✓ Lastly, I recommend that you line-dry the clothes where it’s exposed to the sun.

It does not just end there. When your baby wears those freshly washed clothes, be keen on observing any allergic reactions. If you see rashes starting to appear or flaky, dry, tiny red bumps that are itchy, it’s about time you call a doctor.

Final Thoughts

Babies are simply amazing! But while we are enjoying the cuteness that comes along with having kids at home, we’ve got to deal with all the challenges that go with them too.

Doing the laundry has never been easy compared to how it was before when there was still no washers and detergents that are made for any type of stains.

Well, I’ve given you steps on how to get stains out of your baby clothes and I hope you’ll find them useful.

Naturally, we’ve got to go through with this kind of stuff as a mother. Yet, I tell you, it doesn’t last long. One day, you’ll find yourself wondering how time flies so fast!

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Hi! My name is Sarah, founder of SarahsLovelyFamily. I love sharing tips and tricks I learned about raising my own family, helping parents like me raise their children healthily while enjoying. You can follow me on Twitter at @SarahsLovelyFam.

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