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9 Simple Ways Get Fast Internet During Your Trips Around the World

Are you tired of slow and unreliable reliable internet connection when you are traveling? You’re not alone. This feels like an endless battle waiting for web pages to load or apps to respond before spending your precious vacation time staring at a blank screen rather than a beautiful beach. Nine things that you can do if you want to Get Fast Internet During Your Trips. Take a look at these tips on travel tips.

Therefore, this guide consists of a whole bunch of hints and tips for making most of that tiny trickle of data that is flowing into your smartphone or computer. They are meant to speed up the internet connection while others may help you make use of the small amount of bandwidth you have.  In either way, they are definitely useful.

9 Simple Ways Get Fast Internet During Trips Around the World

Get Fast Internet During Your Trips

Get an external wireless card

If you are a regular user of a Wi-Fi while traveling, then you are familiar with the weak internet connection. Wireless access point tends to be as far from your room as possible and leaving you sadly staring that a black page as your connection closes down and eventually drops out.

For those using laptops, purchasing an external wireless card can make a difference. The sound external wireless card has powerful transmitters and robust antennas that can reach much further than the one in a PC and giving you more substantial and more reliable connections. They can let you use connections you can’t otherwise even detect, never mind to connect to.

External wireless cards work much the same way, you need to plug them into your laptop through the USB port, and then they give you the second, typically more extensive set of a wireless network for you to choose from in your settings.

Before trying anything advanced that involves you changing equipment and parts, it could be worth visiting a speed testing site such as test my speed, because it may be your provider and plan that’s causing the issues.

Use a travel router

For travelers not using laptops, can also bring robust Wi-Fi to their tablets, and other gadgets. Good traveling routers offers a range of features such as a signal from an existing Wi-Fi network to provide a better speed on whatever device you’re using. All you need to do is set it up right from your web browser then put it in place with the best Wi-Fi signal you can find by doing a search for internet providers near you.

Switch to Wired

In ideal circumstances, most of the wireless networks are much faster than internet connection at the end of them. These conditions don’t exist, especially in busy towns. All wireless network competes for space in the most crowded radio spectrum. The internet networks you can see, the more interference there is and the worse connections it gets.  If you can see any other network besides the one you are using, it indicates a red flag.

Switching to the wired network can get rid of that issue. If your laptop has a network socket and there is an Ethernet cable in your room you can connect it up. if you find yourself doing this occasionally, you can purchase a short internet cable and throw it in your bag

Turn off the background apps

Most of the handy apps installed in your devices are the worst enemy when struggling with a slow internet connection.  Your app updates, operating system, Google photos OneDrive and more, will jump all over to your limited broadband, especially if you haven’t connected for some time.

That will leave nothing for your email browser or any software that you are trying to use.  Ensure that you suspend or shut down all the background apps and you will finally be able to send that important status update all out that map.

Get Fast Internet During your Trips

Switch on your browser data compressor

The choice of the browser you are using makes a difference. Both Chrome and Opera have an inbuilt system that compresses text and images before they get sent down to your gadget.

Work offline

Are you tired of waiting for your email to refresh whenever you hit reply or the web to load? You can opt to switch the offline version and eliminate the slow internet connection from your equation.

Gmail features an Offline mode for the same purpose, and other programs such as Mac Mail and Microsoft Outlook usually let you use your email offline. Google Maps also allow you to download maps for regions and the cities around of time while the company’s translate can do the same thing with the language packs. In those cases, the app will tell download data whenever you go to use it.

 Use various network at once

You can quickly join the various internet connection together. You can combine Wi-Fi, wired or cellular and use their bandwidth at the same time. Best of all, you can still connect with an external wireless card and even use two Wi-Fi networks at a time.

If you have 3G or 4G connection with a lot of data or you are in a place where you can connect to multiple Wi-Fi networks, this can improve your internet connectivity speed. This is because when one internet connection drops out, the others will take over.  You can also use a VPN to help you keep your browser secure, and this works on Windows iOS Android and Mac. Besides, there are also free trials to get you started using VPN.

Move around your room

This may sound stupid, but moving around a bit can make some difference. Interference from cordless, telephone microwave and other equipment plays havoc with a wireless signal while building materials such as concrete blocks radio waves effectively. Even moving just, a shorter distance to the other side of the room can make a difference between working connection and frustrations, and it just takes only 2 seconds to check out.

Plugin your pc

Probably this may be their most straightforward tip of all.  Just plug your PC into the power socket. Many computers tend to reduce the strength of the wireless card slightly, particularly when running out of battery. That’s great for offering you a length in front of screen bad for seeing that the internet connection down the hall. Just connect your power cable to the socket, and probably you will be able to connect to the internet as well.

Now you know the tips that can help you speed up the connection.

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