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Get Away for Your Big Day: Reasons a Destination Wedding Way to Go

It’s no surprise that 25% of American weddings take place in another country. Usually, on a tropical beach and under the year-round sun. Destination weddings are on the rise; modern couples want unique and memorable experiences. You may love the idea of a destination wedding, but wonder how you can make it a reality. This underrated wedding experience is a lot easier to plan than you’d think. In fact, they take way less planning than a traditional wedding. Do you want your “big day” to be exciting and unforgettable? Then a destination wedding may be the way to go. Learn why here.

Destination Wedding

That’s just one of the many awesome perks of having a destination wedding. Keep reading for seven more. By the end, you’ll be packing your bikini along with your wedding rings!

1. Beachy Attire

Wedding attire in a destination wedding is more casual than a traditional wedding. With the hot sun beating down, you and your guests want to stay cool. Think white linens and flowy dresses.

Beach wedding dresses are super underrated in the fashion world. They allow you to feel dressed-up for your big day, but also like you’re on vacation. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for elegance.

Not to mention the fact that you don’t have to wear heels! You and your guests can experience this intimate celebration barefoot.

Plus, if your groom-to-be hates dressing up, he can embrace more casual wedding attire, too. Some grooms opt for a button-up short sleeve shirt, others for white or tan linen.   

2. Amazing Photos for Destination Wedding

Wedding photos last forever. You will always look back at these pictures and remember your day.

How amazing would it be for those photos to have an exotic background? Talk about one-of-a-kind!

There are tons of wedding photographers in each destination wedding location. Most wedding resorts will have an in-house photographer.

Plus, your guests are bound to be more relaxed and happy on vacation than they are at home.

Your photos can capture these elated moments. Ask your photographer to take lots of candid shots to truly capture the happiness.

3. Less Stress

Most destination weddings packages make the planning process super easy for you. In fact, it’ll surprise you how few decisions you have to make. Find out more about the various packages that make wedding planning easy.  

If you’re the type of bride that doesn’t want to make a huge fuss about centerpieces, this is for you. Leave the nitty-gritty choices up to the highly-trained resort wedding planning staff.

Since all you have to do is show up and say your vows, destination weddings carry very little stress. It’s all about enjoying your vacation and your time with loved ones.

Of course, brides who want to make every single decision can still get involved in the planning.

But, the beauty is you don’t have to if you don’t want to. There’s no doubt your wedding will be beautiful either way.

4. More Time with Friends and Family during Destination Wedding

Weddings are often an excuse to see friends and family. In a traditional wedding, you only have the weekend of events to socialize with everyone.

A destination wedding allows you to spend way more quality time together.

Even if your wedding is at the end of the week, guests who show up a day or two early get bonus time with you. Lounge on the beach drinking cocktails together. Or, go out for exotic dinners.

Consider making your wedding holiday a week-long event. Guests can come earlier if possible and enjoy some serious bonding time.

5. Twice the Honeymoon for Destination Wedding

Agree or disagree: The honeymoon is the best part of getting married. You stress for months about your big day, then get rewarded with a killer vacation.

Having a destination wedding is like doubling the honeymoon.

Some couples head to another location after the wedding events. Others have a longer stay at their wedding destination after their guests leave.

No matter what you do, you’re getting twice as much honeymoon than couples who wed at home.  

6. Smaller Guest List

You may think you’re going to have a small wedding, and then you make the guest list.

Suddenly, cousins and long-lost friends make the list, taking your budget overboard.

With a destination wedding, it’s common for some people to not be able to attend. Many guests don’t have the time to go on vacation or the willingness. This narrows down your guest list.

You can always have a get-together when you get home for the people who couldn’t attend. But, your core friends and family will get to celebrate with you on vacation.

7. Discount Opportunities for Destination Wedding

Some brides spend thousands and thousands of dollars on their wedding. In fact, the average cost of weddings in American is $35,000.

Every destination has an off-season when their tourism goes down. They often lower their prices during these months to attract tourists. Take advantage of these prices by having your wedding in the country’s off-season.

Booking resort rooms in bulk can also save you money. Some packages even include flights. Who would have thought that having a destination wedding was so affordable?

8. Bucket List Goals for Destination Wedding

Everyone has a bucket list of things they want to do before their time on this earth ends. What’s on yours? Perhaps you want to zip line through the rainforest in Costa Rica?

Use your destination wedding as an excuse to cross something off your bucket list. Scuba dive in St. Lucia or hike up a volcano in Hawaii.

The world is your oyster. Your wedding is the reason you’ve been waiting to explore it. There are so many different destination weddings packages to chose from for Costa Rica.

Ready to Plan Your Destination Wedding?

Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful wedding locations in the world. Not only are there gorgeous beaches, but the adventure opportunities are endless. Your destination wedding would be one none of your guests forget.

From the stress-free planning to the discounted prices to the beachy attire. Why wouldn’t you have a destination wedding?

If you’re ready to start planning your itinerary and knocking things off your bucket list, contact me. I’ll make sure your wedding guests have a smash and your vacation is one for the books.  

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