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Get Through The Airport And Let Your Journey Begin

Finding affordable parking at airports seems to get more expensive and more difficult every time you need to take a trip. As airports for larger city destinations grow and expand, it becomes challenging to keep travel costs to a minimum, especially if you do not have a friend at your location to drop you off and pick you up as you depart and return. One you may want to consider to help you parking prior to your trip is got parking for listings of available airport parking lots and rates.

got parking for listings of available airport parking lots and rates.

Las Vegas is a prime example of a sprawling airport with expensive parking. Long-term parking is now $16 per day. Taking Uber or Lyft just 3 miles to the airport runs about $15. A taxi is $20 for the same distance. The further you are away from the airport, the more the services will cost you when departing to your destination or returning home. Even shuttle services run a pretty penny and require early pickup so they can stop along the way to pick up other travelers, and the same returning home. Two to three hours each direction is not uncommon.

No wonder Las Vegans prefer to drive to short vacations in California and Arizona. By the time you drive to the airport, park, take transportation to the airport, check in, traverse TSA, wait for the plane, load, fly, unload and get to baggage claim you are already well on the journey driving to the destination.

Las Vegas offers a unique service that many residents are not aware exists. This service is available elsewhere and can be determined with a few phone calls or an internet search. It is not just limited to one location. Las Vegas has Park and Ride transfer stations to park your vehicle and ride the bus to your destination. A number of residents use the service to avoid high hotel, resort and downtown parking fees or to avoid long commute times. This service is offered to air travelers as well. The Regional Transportation Commission has local transfer stations, one of which is a 5-minute bus ride to or from the airport.

The transfer station has security patrolling the free parking areas continually. Able to handle several hundred cars in two lots, visitors may leave their vehicle for seven days or longer with proper notification. Simply park your vehicle, walk a short distance to the bus pick-up area and pay the $2 fee (less if a student, elderly or handicapped) to take the 5 minute trip to the airport. You will be dropped off at the main terminal, lower entrance, where you can purchase tickets, check in luggage and begin the TSA check-in process. If you have pre-check in and only carry on baggage this method is so easy.

If you are planning to park for longer than 7 days, it is suggested you check-in with security inside the bus terminal building to provide your vehicle information. There is a short form to complete stating the vehicle make, model, color and license plate. This is not an absolute necessity, but prevents the vehicle from being towed as an abandoned vehicle if you push your stay for the free parking opportunity. By registering your stay, security is sure to keep an extra eye on your vehicle. It is hard to believe that in a city that even charges handicap vehicles to pay parking meter fees, this service is provided free.

Returning is as easy as leaving. No taxi lines or arranging transportation. Simply grab your bags, head back to the lower level of the airport terminal and wait a short time for the bus to return you to the transfer station where you are parked. Your vehicle will be right where you left it waiting to drive you home and complete your journey.

Having tried a number of methods of transportation to and from the airport in Las Vegas, this is by far the most convenient, least expensive, and probably the most secure method of using the airport for travel both for work and leisure. It has worked in San Diego, Phoenix, Los Angeles and a few other airports where creativity was needed to save money when wanting to have a car for travel convenience.

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