General Sutter Inn in Lititz PA: Top Choice for Most Unique Hotel Stay

The toughest decision one makes after deciding on a location is usually where to stay. Since I don’t like my family to stay in large chains or all-inclusive resorts when visiting small towns, the choices get trickier. To me, the hotel we choose is more than 50% of the experience of our trip. This time, we stay at the General Sutter Inn in Lititz, PA.

Anyone can stay in a Motel 6 or a generic version of a hotel/motel. The art is in finding the unique places that will be one of the best memories of our trip.

When on the search for this, the main issue I have found is that a lot of hotels’ websites do not represent how unique, artistic and creative they can be, so it is usually hard to know 100% if you are getting what you are promised via images and text.

General Sutter Inn not only surpassed their promise, but I don’t understand how they are not one of the most unique and creatively decorated hotels, plus historic IN.THE.WORLD!

And I am not exaggerating.

General Sutter Inn in Lititiz, PA

When I started my research on visiting Lancaster County and the surrounding towns, I knew very little about the area. Or where anything is located, and just the logistics of it all. I had no idea what the towns would be like and, except for seeing Amish people in buggies, had no real reference to what can exist in this area.

Lititz in Pennsylvania

The town of Lititz was just a name on the map, but General Sutter Inn looked like a great choice, and we decided to go for it.

I will admit, knowing what to expect for the actual cities and towns is baffling and can be totally the opposite of what you expect.

For instance, I considered staying in Lancaster City. However, when we arrived and drove through there – well, let’s just say I’m super grateful we didn’t stay here.

Lititz on the other hand BLEW.OUR.MINDS – OMG, it must be one of the cutest towns we’ve been in on this whole trip. Totally different and historic. I felt like we were walking down a street from the 18th century Britain. Filled with pubs and cute shops.

 Lititiz, Pennsylvania

General Sutter Inn Lititz PA

What Makes General Sutter Inn So Different From Other Hotels

When I made the reservation for my family, I was recommended the Penthouse Floor, 3rd floor, where the suites are. I know, just hearing the words Penthouse and Suites made my mind immediately go into price attack. But remarkably they are super affordable considering we would have a suite with two rooms. One for me and the kids and the other which is the sitting area that turns into a bedroom for my dad.  And so much more.

Jokingly, in the email correspondence when making the reservation, the girl told me to be prepared to be treated like a rockstar. I figured this was just a figure of speech and a great marketing tool.

Well, ummmm, she wasn’t kidding!

How General Sutter Inn is designed:

Reception area - General Sutter Inn in Lititiz, PA

The hotel has three floors. The first floor is the reception area, which is decorated old-Victorian style with a sitting room and even a Piano area.

Victorian Style - General Sutter Inn in Lititiz, PA

Off to all sides, there are restaurants. One that is a pub style restaurant. Another that has a gorgeous outdoor courtyard, a banquet hall, and another family style dining room.

The second floor, where the one room hotel rooms are located continue with the old-fashioned Victorian style, tastefully decorated. This is where my brother and his girlfriend were staying and I loved his room. It is perfect for a couple.

victorian style - general sutter inn

The third floor – the penthouse floor – Rock Lititz Penthouse. Before going up, the receptionist told me that we have to have a separate key and no one without this key can head upstairs.

stairway to the penthouse suite - General Sutter Inn in Lititiz, PA

I really loved the sound of that. Nothing like exclusivity to get me stoked about the room.

penthouse suite entrance - General Sutter Inn in Lititiz, PA

The third floor’s rooms all have names – ours was On Stage. Which was gorgeous. The sitting area was spacious with a fridge, coffee station and TV.

General Sutter Inn in Lititiz, PA - Penthouse suite

The master bedroom was huge – with a king sized bed and another TV.

Master bedroom - General Sutter Inn in Lititiz, PA

The Bathroom was super fun with three shower heads, robes and other fun things to play with. I’m a big bathroom fan, since I love my showers.


The whole third floor was decorated as though we were part of a rock concert.

Penthouse Floor Hallway - General Sutter Inn in Lititiz, PA

Love this hallway where our room exited

General Sutter Inn in Lititiz, PA - Hallway

But that was secondary. The floor has a kitchen that is fully stocked to be used whenever we want. And we loved our breakfast here

breakfast - General Sutter Inn in Lititiz, PA

But our favorite spot of all, and where we literally spent 90% of our time was the lounge room.  With a huge TV, comfy chairs and an outdoor private porch, why would we leave?

lounge room - General Sutter Inn in Lititiz, PA

We were so lucky because we came during a weekday and we were the only people on the floor. So even though this was to be shared with the other suites only from this floor, it was all ours. And any parent traveling with kids knows the sheer joy of having space for the kids to run around and freedom.

RECOMMENDATION – Stay in the Penthouses, you will get every bit of your money’s worth and love it. 

Video Fun – Here’s a more in depth walk around

History and Fun Facts for General Sutter Inn

If you’ve been reading my site you will see that the majority of the places we stay always have a story and history behind it all.

General Sutter Inn is full of amazingly interesting stories:

  • In 1776, the Moravian town of Lititz was born and named to honor the Bohemian town of Lidice.

  • The Town Regulations of 1756 were adopted. Only those who signed the Regulations were allowed to live in the town.

  • A few of the rules were: No light-minded, disorderly and needless conversation allowed, no changing of professions, no dancing, no giving a night’s lodging to any person, no undertaking a journey, either far or near, without permission, parents shall be accountable for their children and families if they misbehave.

  • Marriages were arranged.

  • By 1856 the church found itself unable to enforce a way of life that no longer had community support. The rules were abolished and the town opened to people of all religious persuasions.

  • It was “for the necessary entertainment of strangers and travellers” that in 1764 the present Inn was built and named the “Zum Anker”.

  • Then in 1930 the name was changed to The General Sutter Inn to honor John Augustus Sutter.

Information for General Sutter Inn

Address: 14 E Main Street, Lititz, PA 17543

Phone: (717) 626-2115

Price: $70 – $180

General Sutter Inn, Lititz Pennsylvania – Review

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Last Updated on June 22, 2023

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  1. Looks like a great stay for the family!! Must have been great to have the place to yourselves in a quaint town! Thanks for sharing!

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