Geigerrig Hydration Packs and Aquamira Inline Water Filter – A Perfect Match

Are you ready for a pack that can handle any trek or outdoor activity?

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My goal for a pack was to have a hydration pack along with plenty of space for my things (and my kids things which I end up carrying). To be comfortable and, if possible, have a water filter option if needed. That’s how I ended up in the Aquamira shop. Which has joined forces with one of the best, sturdiest companies around – Geigerrig.

Let’s just say this is a marriage made in heaven and you literally get two awesome products for one.

Qeigerrig Hydration Packs and Aquamira Inline Water Filter

Geigerrig Hydration Packs

Let’s break it down. The backpack has all the possible compartments you can imagine. Comfortable straps that are adjustable for chest and waist.

However the best part by far is the bladder pack.

water sack from a geigerrig hydration packs

It’s pressurized so that you can spray with it. Below are videos that really give you a breakdown of what this pack can do.

a kid sitting on a chair using a geigerrig hydration packs next to a kid on a nike

One massive issue I have with hydration packs is:

How to clean the pack? We have had other hydration bladders and I won’t lie to you, cleaning them is the biggest headache I’ve had. Most of them don’t turn inside out, they get rotten inside due to the water staying there. Basically, you need to be buying a new one constantly. You might want to check out some of the best hydration pack for running, trekking, and hiking at Best Hydration Pack.

Most of them don’t turn inside out, they get rotten inside due to the water staying there. Basically, you need to be buying a new one constantly.

The hydrapak that Geigerrig uses is incredible on so many levels.

  1. It’s dishwashable
  2. It can be turned inside out
  3. It’s crazy durable
  4. It’s BPA free and PVC free

hydrapak from a geigerrig hydration packs

About Aquamira and Geigerrig

They make products that allow you to turn contaminated water into safe drinking water. And with the filter they provide, you can do this directly with your hydration pack. Their goal is to keep you hydrated and safe while you are out having adventures. Their flagship product, the Aquamira Water Treatment Drops was first sold in 1999. Almost right away it became popular among adventure guides and emergency experts.

This company works hard to make their products practical, portable, people powered (no electricity needed), purpose built and compliant with the American National Standards Institute standards.

Their products are also designed to keep you and your community safe in case of a disaster or emergency. By having one of these you can ensure having clean water to drink regardless of the source.

Geigerrig is a company that invents, operates and innovates award winning pressurized hydration systems. They work alongside with Hydrapak and Aquamira, these are elite factories and engineers. Together they have revolutionized, hydration systems and personal water systems for any and all applications.

Products Information

The RIG 700M Spearmint Tan is a hydration backpack that includes a 7oz filter. Its chest strapslides to fit comfortably on men and women. Plus, it comes with more space for food and a special compartment for your smartphone.

Aside from having a 3 liter bladder and a filter, the RIG 1200 Ocean Blue provides more space.You will be able to fit food and clothes in case the weather changes while you are out on an adventure. The compartment for your phone is waterproof and it even comes with compression straps to make it more comfortable when you move.

Their filters come in two main categories, for example the Red Line Replacement Filter is to protect you from viruses and can filter up to 120 gallons of water while the Green Line Replacement Filter suppresses the growth of bacteria, algae, fungus, mold and mildew and can filter up tp 100 gallons of water. All of them are BPA free, chemical free, and iodine free.

RIG 1600M is a hydration backpack with a capacity of 100 oz. It comes with a quick-release valve for drinking tube and pressurization tube for easy refill and reservoir removal. This backpack also comes with a webbing design that allows you to customize it by attaching various pockets and gear and a chest strap.

RIG 1200M  is slightly smaller than RIG 1600M and also comes with a 100 oz.water bladder. Also the waist strap on this one is removable.

Contact Information

Facebook: Aquamiratech
Twitter: @AquamiraTech

Last Updated on June 5, 2022

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