Garden and Patio Area: Tips on a Harmonious Combination

A tastefully landscaped outdoor area can be an excellent continuation of one’s fancy living room. But how to design it properly if you have a private house with enough yard space?

The patio and the garden should form a consistent communication route. Wouldn’t it be great if you could benefit from a harmoniously organized outdoor area with smooth “transitions”, making the space not only stylish, but also more functional. 

Style is important not only in interiors

It is equally important both on the patio and in the garden. Think carefully about what kind of colors you choose. Provencal romance? Or maybe a little exotic Japanese style? Anyways, it should all be well combined and not look as a mess of colors and textures.

A professional concrete patio installation service can help you with your vision, and make sure the end result looks desirable.

If you’re not entirely sure who to go with look at reviews for experts in your area, this can be done easily by searching online. For example, if located in or around Penrith, then it would be good to do an online search for Patio Builder Penrith (or amend this to be applicable to you). Looking at their reviews and getting quotes can give you a list of things you like about each company, so you can go with the one that makes you feel most confident. Once you’ve picked one, be sure to communicate clearly with the patio builder you decide to work with so the end result is exactly what you want.

Wood for a natural connection 

Wooden structures look very appropriate among the greenery. It is not surprising that they are leading among the materials used for patio designs. WPC (wood plastic composite) decking has become a particularly popular material today.

WPC patio boards have a great appearance and high strength. 

The garden and patio area is an outdoor space designed for relaxation and recreation

A wooden outdoor patio can be designed at the level of the lawn or rise slightly above its level. In the first case, harmonious design is definitely easier. In the place where the floor connects to the lawn, it is enough to place ornamental plants that will connect the garden with the patio. Flowers and bushes planted at the edge of the patio will also create an awesome composition! 

Patio Tiles 

A tiled outdoor patio can be in perfect harmony with the garden. On a modern lawn-level patio, large tiles will look great, creating a uniform surface. Designers advise to gradually increase the space between the tiles. 

As a result, they would naturally fit into the lawn and thus connect the patio with the garden. If you have a stone deck located on a platform, you might want to consider a walkway made from the same material. Irregular alley leading from the patio to the garden will be a charming element of the scenery in the backyard.

Stylish gazebo 

Many people choose a patio without a permanent roof and prefer a retractable awning or a full-length umbrella. Such solutions are actually convenient and do not restrict the flow of light into the interior of the house.

However, sometimes you want to relax in the shade of a romantic gazebo. If the area around the house is large, you can come up with a stylish pavilion located in the center of the garden. 

Discover unconventional garden architecture 

A garden is a place that seems to have a life of its own. Even with careful care of plants, we do not fully influence their growth and flowering. And it is in nature that they are the most beautiful!

However, the open patio no longer seems like a wild place. When arranging residential premises, it is worth combining these two worlds. Such a merger is wonderful!

A garden patio are can include blend of greenery and hardscape elements

If you’re looking for some specific rules for your composition, let’s look at a couple of cool design secrets below.

1. Thoughtful design

Dreaming “on paper” about how you imagine your yard in a couple of years is much more effective than immediately taking up a shovel. First of all, decide on the main structures and “arrange” them on the plan: your house, the open patio, the guest house, the parking lot or garage, the garden, as well as technical buildings.

Next, write down – here we will make a patio area with a barbecue, and here we will have a small vegetable garden with herbs and greens. The next step is laying paths, so that in the future one does not trample the lawn to bald patches.

2. Ergonomic garden

It is important that the outdoor space is a logical continuation of the interior of the house. Choose the paving for the patio area in the same color scheme as the tiles on the floor in the dining room, the curtains in the house as the shade on the patio. In this case, your yard will become not only an additional relaxation area, but also a stylish, eye-catching place.

3. The yard must be well maintained

Assess your strengths. Will you be able to maintain a neat hedge trimming, or is it easier to twine the fence with an unpretentious liana? Are you ready to regularly mow, feed and “comb out” the lawn, paint the patio, etc.? Honestly answer yourself how much time and effort you can (and want) to spend on maintaining the appearance of this composition. The easier the care, the more time you have to enjoy the yard.

4. Decide in favor of quality

Choose only high-quality materials for your future yard. This applies to both soil and road tiles, and, of course, plants! Even an inexperienced gardener should be wary of obvious damage to leaves, spots, bugs, or other adverse factors that can subsequently damage healthy neighboring specimens on the site.

Also specify (preferably in specialized literature) the conditions necessary for the best development of the plant: whether it likes shade or sun, what kind of soil it prefers, how to help with moisture stagnation, and so on.

5. Landscape organization can be fashionable too

Keep up with global design trends. Flowering plants in trendy colors will make the flower bed spectacular, and textiles with a popular print will perfectly enliven the barbecue area. But be careful with accessories! In the case of garden decorations, the principle “less is more” applies. After all, nature is already rich in colors and textures.

6. Logic has not been canceled

Avoid inappropriate plants. This is a common story: “I don’t know why I planted it, I don’t know why it’s here, but oh well, let it grow”. Then, this strange guest grows in a couple of years to an indecent size and blocks out all the light. Before buying or accepting a plant as a gift, check its habitus – that is, what the plant will be like when it reaches the peak of its development. Only then decide whether it has a place on your site.

7. A modern yard is a useful yard

Even if you don’t intend to compete with your neighbors, make use of your free soil by creating a tea garden for example. Freshly picked lemon balm, mint and thyme are the best addition to a cozy evening tea party on the patio, which offers a soothing view of your most beautiful garden.

Last Updated on November 30, 2023

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