Ganja Getaway: Tips for Getting High Safely on Vacation

Did you know that in a survey done in 2017 they found 52% of Americans have tried marijuana at least once in their lives?

It’s no wonder that with half of the American population not counting other countries more people are doing their research on where to smoke marijuana while they travel.

Traveling from an area without legal marijuana to a place where getting high is above board?

Read on to learn safety tips for getting stoned in an unfamiliar place.

Ganja Getaway: Tips for Getting High Safely on Vacation

Tips for Getting High Safely on Vacation

If you are going to a place that you can smoke marijuana legally it’s smart to plan ahead to make sure you enjoy your vacation instead of regretting it. Getting high in a destination that it’s legal has never been easier because of the widespread legalization and decriminalization.

Keep It in the Trunk

After you find a local dispensary where you can buy your cannabis and make your purchase keep your purchase in the trunk of your vehicle. Dispensaries usually give you an inconspicuous bag with your purchase but sometimes you might buy something that the smell can be pungent. This is usually the case with raw flower vs edibles or wax.

While you’re driving keep it in the trunk. In case of an emergency or you get pulled over it’s best to not attract attention by having an officer get a whiff and begin to question you.

No Smoking in the Car

There’s no good explanation for smoking in a car. Don’t do it. If you’re on vacation wait until you get to your cannabis-friendly hotel room before sparking up.

You don’t want to violate any laws while you’re not in your hometown this can be more than a headache if you have to come back for court dates and you live out of state.

Bud Friendly Hotel

Before arriving at your vacation spot research a hotel, house rental or bed and breakfast that is cannabis friendly. There are many places popping up that are bud friendly making it easier and safer when going on vacation with the intention of getting high safely.

Some places offer complimentary breakfast buffets, grocery delivery service, happy hours, snack socials to make sure you’re taken care of. You can find rooms that are vaporizer and e-nail friendly.

There’s a room for everyone you have to do your research. Some hotels have community areas with fire pits, waterfalls, or BBQ stations where you can discreetly partake in your cannabis.

Don’t Schedule Any Activities 

This is important if it’s your first time because you will more than likely fall asleep at some point or might feel tired depending on the strain you choose. Whether you fall asleep or not you want to be in an environment where you are able to hang out and relax after you enjoy your marijuana.

If you’re staying in a cannabis-friendly hotel or bed and breakfast they will have a perfect room for you to be able to enjoy your high. On that note, you can geek out and learn more details about the science behind getting high.

Food Delivery App

Before getting high you’ll want to be prepared for the famous known “munchies.” You’ll more than likely get hungry a little bit after smoking. If you’re in an unfamiliar place search for who delivers food in the area.

You don’t want to risk driving while you’re high because it’s not legal, and not smart. Nowadays there’s a ton of options available like DoorDash, Postmates to name a few.

If you’re not familiar with the area you also don’t want to wander around and risk getting lost or all of a sudden become socially awkward especially if you’re by yourself.

Have Water Handy

You will get thirsty that’s one of the other side effects of smoking marijuana. Before smoking drink a good amount of water. Make sure you also have enough water on hand for afterward so you don’t get dehydrated because you weren’t prepared.

Do Your Dispensary Homework

Before venturing out do your homework on the dispensaries near you. There are websites and apps such as Leafly or Weedmaps that you can find medical and recreational dispensaries near you.

The dispensaries that are listed on sites like Weedmaps sometimes have a website you can visit to see what strains they sell and what kinds. Knowing the strains you can find out what the strains are for such as relaxation, energy, creativity, etc.

Many dispensaries offer sales certain days of the week and at certain times. You can look those up or call them to get the scoop. Once you arrive at the shop there are always budtenders happy to educate you especially when it’s your first time there.

You’ll find that budtenders are friendly usually like a bartender they also accept tips. They want to give you great customer service plus a great experience while you visit their store.

Finish Your Cannabis

This applies if your home is not local. You don’t want to leave the country or state with any cannabis on hand because it’s still considered illegal at the federal level. Don’t risk crossing a state border or getting on a plane with any leftovers.

Happy and Safe Travels

Getting high in an unfamiliar place can be a great experience if you do your research. Know the laws in the area and read about the cannabis culture in the area too. There are places where it’s been around longer and more socially accepted than places where it hasn’t been around as long.

Happy travels as you venture to an area that cannabis is legal.

If you’re looking for a safe place to smoke weed during your travels check out our post sharing all the details.

Last Updated on June 24, 2023

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