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Gambling Mecca of Central America

The most famous city for gambling in the world is Vegas, it is a great place! But there are also other countries where you can do this activity without having to worry about being caught in an illegal activity. This doesn’t just provide some fun, but also a different setting. One of those places is Costa Rica, in Central America.

Gambling in this country is legal and offers over 30 establishments where you can do this. The most popular games in these casinos are poker, twenty one, roulette, slot machines and other tico games.

The best city to visit in Costa Rica for a gambling vacation is San Jose. It has the highest concentration of casinos of the country. But there are also other beach destinations that offer a few casinos.

The reason why gambling vacations in Costa Rica are so popular is, because you get to combine it with tropical forests and gorgeous beaches, both filled with exotic wildlife.

There are also big annual tournaments and smaller weekly ones that take place in the casinos of Costa Rica. It’s all about doing a bit of research to be able to plan your Central American vacation around the tournament of your choice.

But there are some of us that aren’t able to plan a whole vacation around gambling. Luckily technology has had major improvements lately and you can now visit online casinos, like, from your ipad while having some relaxation in your own home.

NOTE: If you want to avoid having legal problems while gambling in Costa Rica visit only casinos. They are the only licensed establishments for gambling.

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