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Michelada and Gallo Cerveza: Guatemala’s Traditional Drinks and Beer

After four years of living in Guatemala, I discovered my new favorite drink – with it’s main ingredient as beer!

Michelada, baby!

michelada drink
Michelada – Drink of Choice

What is it?

A drink made with Gallo Cerveza

It’s literally a Bloody Mary but with beer. What a super idea!

My main love for beer comes whenever visiting a country. I love to taste the different beers. But, I’m not a big beer drinker.

When I first arrived to Guatemala I loved to drink Gallo Cerveza – the national Guatemala Beer.

Gallo Cerveza
Guatemalan National Beer

However, the novelty of plain beer wore off, so Micheladas spark up that love once again. You should try the Michelada from Colombia too!

Gallo Cerveza – Guatemala’s Traditional Beer


5 thoughts on “Michelada and Gallo Cerveza: Guatemala’s Traditional Drinks and Beer

  1. I have to admit that I mostly drank rum while in Central America. I do love a good Bloody Mary so maybe I should have tried this.

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