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Gaiam Travel Yoga Mat and Socks are A Must-Have

Traveling, as everyone knows, is awesome. But let’s face it, a lot of it is splurging on indulgent food and a total lack of exercise. So after years and years, I caved in and decided it was time to teach my kids that even though we travel, we can’t forget our health.

And ordering the occasional salad in a restaurant simply doesn’t have that effect on kids. However, incorporating exercise, even if it is for several minutes at a time, instills the importance of it in their mind.

The best way to do this is without paying for gym memberships or carrying weights around or leaving the comfort of your room, a yoga mat.

Interestingly enough, my oldest son had several yoga-inspired classes at his school for physical education. So this was actually a fun thing to incorporate.

kid doing yoga while sitting on a gaiam travel yoga mat

Gaiam Travel Yoga Mat

Finding the right Travel Yoga Mat isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are tens if not hundreds of different mats to choose from. But gratefully, super few companies that have anything especially for traveling and also with a positive impact on the globe.

That’s how I found Gaiam Yoga products.

gaiam travel yoga mat

Gaiam was founded in 1988 to provide information, services, and products for people that value the environment and health care.

The Sol Thin-Grip Yoga Mat, part of the Bhakti Devotion collection, is ultra-light and weighs less than two pounds. This mat is made of a material that offers superior grip and is 100% natural rubber, less than 1mm thick. It has a high-track textured surface to offer traction. And folds easily to fit into any luggage or backpack.

Yoga Socks by Gaiam

Another issue with travel and exercise is that most times I never bother with my sneakers. They are so not cool to take and simply bulky unless I use them as my main shoe. So for exercising on floors, I tend to slip more than doing the actual activity, so I decided to get a set of yoga socks

gaiam travel yoga socks

These socks are great. They allow you to practice Yoga, regular floor exercises, and kung fu which my husband says these socks are perfect for since they do way too much slipping during class. And since the socks can fit several different sizes, I see them being taken away from me when he heads over to some classes. And actually, you don’t even need a yoga mat due to their gripping and no slipping bottoms.

Now we have absolutely no excuses to get in a few moves in while traveling.

3 thoughts on “Gaiam Travel Yoga Mat and Socks are A Must-Have

  1. I seriously would like to try this out. I want to get back in shape and this would be fantastic.. no clumsy crowds and can do it at home with the kids.

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