Top 7 Futuristic Places to Visit Across the Globe

We’re already well into the future ourselves, with our incredible technology and continuous and innovative digital developments, but we still nurture a curiosity for all things ‘futuristic’. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that even though we do live in the age of technology, there’s still a long way to go, and there are places that give us a glimpse into what may become the future. Seven Futuristic places to visit around the globe that no traveler can miss.

marina bay sand

If you’re one of these people that wants to have more foresight and has an insatiable curiosity for all this way out there, then we’re going to tell you all about a few futuristic places that can be found all over the world that you need to put on your bucket list.

Futuristic Places to Visit Around the World

Gardens By the Bay – Singapore

Singapore is probably one of the most environmentally conscious countries in the world, and they take their quest for better and healthier living very seriously. That, in itself, gives them points for winning the future! However, your mind is going to be blown when you lay your eyes on Gardens by the Bay.

Just the visual of the super trees is a sight to behold. Besides, that is it a combination of three huge gardens, and collectively they house up to 700 thousand plants and around 2 thousand species of exotic animals. They use a variety of natural energy sources to power and maintain these gardens, and it really is a vision of what the future could be if we cared about our planet. 

Svart Hotel – Norway

The perfect combination of a futuristic structure placed in tandem with nature and focusing on bringing Eco-consciousness to the future isn’t hard to locate. It can be found in the Svart Hotel in Norway. The circular hotel lays low, close to the water, simple in its design, so much so that it looks like an alien ship. It’s aiming to open its doors by 2022, so put this at the top of the list to be one of the first people to experience amazing views of glaciers, fjords, and nature at its best. 

The Robot Restaurant – Japan

Japan in and of itself is a glimpse into the future because they’re always one step ahead and constantly coming up with amazing, weird and innovative ideas and structures. However, if there was just one place for your to pick on your visit to Japan, it should definitely be the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo.

While you’ll find that food is not really the focus and that you’ll be able to get some bento boxes if you like, the real experience lies in the setup itself and the show. When you walk into this place, it’s filled with electroluminescent lighting that immediately transports you to another dimension.

The professionals behind EL wire point out that these kinds of lights are found in every color under the sun and give off a supernatural and alien glow. That alone will have you feeling you’re light years into the future. But what really steals the spotlight is the robot show that is performed by very talented performers. This is an experience that you’re sure to never forget. 

The Underwater Hotel – Dubai

Dubai is yet another destination that does feel like another world because of how advanced and clean it is, not to mention the numerous iconic events and structures that can be found over there. If you’re looking for something out of this world and right into the future of an alternate world, then you must visit the underwater hotel.

A lot of hard work and thought has been put into the design of this structure and no words could possibly explain the feeling of being surrounding by water and sea life while standing on a dry floor or eating a meal.  

Sky Garden – South Korea

Have you ever watched a movie or an animation where decades into the future, people are walking on walkways and looking down on the cars flying by? This is the closest thing in reality.

This path used to actually be a highway and has been transformed into an amazing walkway that is filled with greenery and cafes. It is beautiful and surreal to walk through during the day, but if you really want a sense of the futuristic effect, then you must experience it at night with the lights on. 

Science World – Canada

Science world has actually been around since 1985 and was constructed in Toronto, making its vision into the future through the structure and its purpose definitely worth the visit if you want a taste for the future, and also to visualize the visions of people from the past on how they perceived the future.

The center is dedicated to the advancement of science, and also for the public to understand and appreciate the true value of science in all its glory. If you have family and kids in particular, this is a great way to introduce them to the wonders of science and also expose them to amazing futuristic architecture that was made decades ago. 

The 5 Million Star Hotel – Iceland

5 million star hotel iceland

As if witnessing the Northern Lights in person isn’t enough of reckoning with the universe, the 5 Million Star Hotel adds a touch of futuristic luxury to the experience.

The accommodation is basically a bubble that gives you an all-around view of the sky above and around you. If you look at images of these bubbles, you’re looking well into the future, and it’s really a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you can’t really place next to anything else. 


The future looks amazing, bright, and super interesting by the looks of it! All of these places are incredible in their vision and execution, and will really give you a glimpse of what may lie ahead of us in the future, and what we can hope to expect. This is in terms of accommodation, exploration, and giving priority to saving our planet as well. These structures and locations don’t just look futuristic, they are an invitation to the direction we should all be taking towards the future. 

Last Updated on May 8, 2023

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