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Future is Here – Meet the New Hoverboard Drone

It is unbelievable where current technology is taking us: drones have been a fairly new invention, but still, only a few years later, people are finding new amazing ways to use and incorporate them into their lives. Take a regular drone and make it much has to be big enough. This is the first step in creating a hoverboard drone.

There has been a major improvement in both battery life and drone motors; this played a huge role in developing bigger and more complex drones. Now, we are much more knowledgeable about drones and can do bigger projects and be more creative with implementing them in our daily lives. We can finally cherish drones along with the art of drone videography and photography!

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Hoverboard Drone

Photograph by John Kealey

What are hoverboard drones?

Take a regular drone and make it much bigger; it has to be big enough to carry the weight of a person and long enough in diameter so that we can stand on it without losing our balance. This is the first step in creating a hoverboard drone.

It’s exactly as it seems: this new invention is a huge drone used for flying (hence the hoverboard aspect). With its floor-motioned propellers and sturdy structure, the person controlling the drone can easily manage it and use it to transport themselves from point A to B.

The most famous hoverboard drones are made by a company called Omni Hoverboards, and they’re accessible to the public. However, that is if you have more than $20 thousand to spend on a drone. This isn’t for everyone and is a more premium experience because of the price point. 

Back to the basics

But what if you are looking for a good drone and don’t want to have this newest invention? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered!

There are a few things to consider when buying a drone. For instance, do you want a drone with or without a camera? We would highly recommend getting one with a camera so that you can take beautiful pictures and videos from the sky. 

Don’t forget to look at the flying time: how long can it be in the sky before falling? You will want a drone that can fly for long periods of time, so you won’t have to be troubled about it shutting down and falling from the sky. We also recommend carrying extra batteries and buying rechargeable ones to use them more than once. This is also a  more eco-friendly option!

You should make sure your drone has a decent flight range; a bigger flight range will be amazing for more dramatic photography. 

Don’t forget to look into your camera resolution and the stabilization of the drone. You need to record high-quality videos, and if the stabilization isn’t right, the outcome will be shaky and unattractive.

Be aware of the price when buying your first drone: you don’t need an absurd amount of money to get a good quality picture and video on your drone. Instead, we recommend looking into the best 4k drones to find the perfect choice for your budget. Don’t worry; although all of this information can be a bit much, we’re sure you will find the perfect drone for you!

Record your activities

Drones are amazing for recording all sorts of activities, especially when they’re outdoors. That’s why it is an extremely loved gadget amongst skateboarders and longboarders. It can capture both the person and the beautiful landscapes they are enjoying. If you’re already experienced with drones, you will be able to move the gadget effortlessly and focus the video on both the person doing the activity and their environment. If you aren’t used to handling a drone, we recommend capturing something static first to get to know the controls. After you’ve mastered that, you can try and capture trickier things, such as moving objects. If you’re interested in buying a longboard and capturing the moment with your drone, read more on It is a great way to combine your two passions: photography and fitness!

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