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Cute and Furry Climbing Chalk Bags by Crafty Climbing Review

Guest Post by Brandon Villatoro (Travel Experta’s Son)

Climbing Chalk Bags are incredibly important in climbing because as the name suggests it is used for keeping chalk. Climbing without chalk is almost impossible, so buying the right type of climbing chalk and chalk bag is of the most importance.

Crafty is a brand that makes Climbing Chalk Bags that look like animals and cute little creatures. Most chalk bags on the market are very plain, simple, and boring. Most people like to have some personality and creativity on their chalk bags and that is exactly what Crafty chalk bags are all about.

Most companies that make chalk bags with faces and personalities are too worried about how the chalk bag looks but not how it feels and the quality of the chalk bag. When you are reaching back for chalk while climbing, it should not take any time and energy at all.

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two kids before climbing

Why Furry Climbing Chalk Bags by Crafty Climbing?

Sometimes the hole where you put chalk in is too slim and has too much stuffing. This makes it difficult to reach for chalk.

The crafty chalk bags really fixed this problem, when I reach for chalk I don’t even feel the sides of the bag inside, all I feel is the chalk. I’m not saying that it is very wide, I’m saying that it is the perfect width, so I don’t have to play with any flaps or things like that.

Furry Climbing Chalk Bags

inside a climbing chalk bag

Another thing I really enjoyed about the bags is that in bouldering you don’t really need to put it around your waist because the routes are shorter, so what I usually do is I chalk up and throw it on the mat. But for some reason, these crafty chalk bags have a way of landing perfectly almost every time.

kid climbing using a furry chalk bag from crafty climbing

The material of the chalk bag is very high quality and its very soft.

And, I’m a bit, in love with the designs!

kid climbing while using a furry chalk bag

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Cute and Furry Climbing Chalk Bags by Crafty Climbing Review

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