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Fun Things To Do on Vacation in Punta Cana with Friends

boat on crystal clear water

Swimming with Dolphins

Prepare yourself to hold hands with the dolphin, and then it will take you on a journey that was once every kid’s dream. Learn how to cue and watch as the dolphin leaps right over you. Amaze yourself while discovering the power and speed together with the softness and gentleness of your new flippered friend.

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Explore the Countryside

Landscape, people, new customs, gastronomy and tons of fun! The Dominican Republic is an amazing place, steeped with its own unique culture and history. You’ll get to see places way off the beaten track and you’ll experience a way of life that has remained to this day unchanged for over a hundred years. The Dominican people also share a unique zest for life and living and so with all of these features and experiences combined. The hotels and resort areas really offer little to show the true side of Dominican life. You’ll be amazed once you head out into the rural areas and onto the lush tropical trails of an area nearby the Oriental Mountain System.

You can see banana plantations and how coffee and chocolate are grown, harvested and produced locally. You can walk through quaint countryside homes, meet the family that lives there, and also visit local schools (subject to local school holidays) that we guarantee will be a true eye-opening experience, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Visit La Romana

Have you ever dreamed of renting a luxury car? Take the wheel of your own stylish car and put the top down during this full-day trip from Punta Cana! You can cruise in style along country roads and stop at different sites along the way. Pass by Casa de Campo, and stop at Altos de Chavón and the Regional Museum of Archaeology, with shopping opportunities at a cigar factory and Punta Cana Village. Pass spectacular landscapes as you soak up the sun and feel the breeze on your face.

Drive to La Romana on the southeast coast of the Dominican Republic and pass by Casa de Campo, a tropical seaside resort. This prestigious community, built on the site of a former sugar mill, boasts 1,700 private villas against a backdrop of plazas and terraces. Follow your guide on foot along cobblestone walkways atop the picturesque cliffs, where you’ll find Altos de Chavón, a 16th-century replica of a medieval Mediterranean village.

Explore the enchanting buildings of this architectural wonder perched above the Chavón River, including hand-cut stone pathways and detailed ironwork handcrafted by Dominican artisans. Peek into the numerous boutiques and art galleries on your way to the Regional Museum of Archaeology, located behind the Church of St Stanislaus. This archeological museum, dedicated to the study of the island’s pre-Columbian heritage, is a must-see. You’ll find more than 3,000 artifacts that document the Taino people—the region’s original inhabitants—on display.

You can visit the local cigar factory, La Flor Dominicano. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about how Dominican cigars are manufactured before driving back to Punta Cana Village. Here, enjoy some time browsing the shops at one of the island’s best shopping locales.

Discover Sea Fishing

Punta Cana is a great place to discover deep sea fishing! You’ll have the opportunity for catches like Wahoo, Sailfish, Dorado, Mahi Mahi and Snapper, as well as the big catches of Blue and White Marlin.The choice is yours, from a full private charter, or a group charter, of like-minded clients from the professional to the novice.

Adventure at “Bavaro Adventure Park” 

Bungee Trampoline Crazy Jumper.

A 100% Adrenaline RUSH! Jump up to 10 meters (32 ft.) off the ground. Gives you the sensation of flying through the sky. Children and adults love the Jumping Trampoline, which gives even the novice a unique experience of doing acrobatic jumps, high in the air, with no danger involved.

Mountain Biking.

Get into a 150-meter-long Pump Track with 16 ridges, two curves up + two curves down with apexes, and a front stretch with full-mtb apex! Plus, additional single trails, twist around the tropical forest. Then, you will be ready for mtb adventure: Cape Engaño Plains and beaches! Two hours of trail riding passing by two natural lagoons, a 5K stretch of Caribbean sand, and the ubiquitous old abandoned resort in the middle of nowhere… After that, it’s all the way back through shaded dirt roads and back to Bavaro Adventure Park.

Zipline Skywalker.

Come and enjoy an exciting trip through the air! Fly through space and “walk” over hanging bridges. An unforgettable experience for you, your family or group.

After a brief session of instructions and the securing of your body harness, there is a brief Zipline training session. Then you can choose the circuit you wish in accord with your physical condition and experience. Choose the Skywalker, which includes access to the departure platform via a stairway, Two lines of 120 meters (400 feet each), a suspension bridge, 130 feet long with 4 varied types of simple challenges, and return to ground level on the last line of 720 feet (220 meters).

If you want more adrenaline and thrills pick the Skywalker Pro, which starts with a 39 foot climbing wall to get to the first zip line. You will have 7 separate circuits and two hanging bridges at 130 feet with 4 progressively challenging obstacles to conquer. You return to earth on the last 720 ft. line.

ZIPLINE Adventure consists of 6 “trees’ ‘ of 39 feet or 12 meters high, several platforms, a climbing wall, five access stairs, two hanging bridges and 8 challenges on the 7 lines of cable.

The height above ground is from 5 to 12 meters (6to 39 ft) where you reach a speed of up to 30 mph, or 50 kilometers per hour.

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