Fun Things to Do in Thailand

Thailand has become a popular place among travelers and tourists alike. It is known for its white-sand beaches, tasty street food, tropical environs, and other attractions. In fact, it earned the nickname “the ‘land of smiles’ owing to the hospitality of the locals in Thailand. Unlike in Western countries, Thailand’s travel expenses are cost-effective, including accommodation and food for tourists. Thailand an ideal place to enjoy the tropical climate.This guide recommends few cities that you should visit during Things to Do in Thailand.

Things to Do in Thailand


Cities to visit in Thailand

Thailand has a rich cultural heritage that features historical sites as well as temples for individuals on their spiritual journey. It is pertinent to note that the Thai cities rank as locations for the country’s ambiance. You should plan to visit the following cities on your next trip.


The Grand Palace in Bangkok is a beautiful tourist attraction. You can also take a tour to Wat Pho or any other temple. Also, in the center of the square in front of Wat Suthat is the giant swing. It is a sight worth your time during your stay in Thailand. 

Chiang Mai

Your bucket list should include a visit to the Doi Pui village or a walk around Doi Inthanon. You can also buy street food at the Chiang Mai Gate Market, among other activities and places of interest. You can visit the elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai Thailand that is really popular!

Hua Hin 

You can visit the beach, take a tour of Maruekhathaiyawan Palace, have a meal at Plearn Wan or visit the Hua Hin Night Market. 


Among the attractions in Pattaya are Jomtien Beach, the Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden, and the Sanctuary of Truth.


You can take a walk on the bridge over the River Kwai, visit the Hellfire Pass and memorial museum, or take a hike to Erawan National Park. Perhaps you may encounter Thailand’s most revered creature, an elephant, on your trip.

Chiang Rai 

The hill tribe museum is a must-see in Thailand. You can also visit the blue temple or the golden clock tower. The Golden Clock Tower is a beautiful work of art and one of the most magnificent roundabouts in Thailand.

Chiang Mai : – Beautiful Treks for interested hikers

Chiang Mai is a beautiful location in northern Thailand for trekking tours. The Thailand Mountain Trail offers you a memorable trekking experience in Chiang Mai. You can trust their knowledge of the local trails not to get lost within the area. The TMT Trek guides will lead you through the rice fields, the high mountains, and the jungle. The sacred mountain of Chiang Mai is home to the Hmong village and temples. Interestingly, you can even choose to spend the night in the villages with the locals. Remember, you can be confident about your safety because the locals are hospitable people. Alternatively, you can visit the hill tribes in the highest mountain range in Thailand. 

You should consider the following locations :

  • The Waterfalls Trail Trek ;
  • Trek to Doi Inthanon ;
  • Trek to Lisu Tribe ;
  • Trek to Mae Wang ;
  • Pha Dok Siew Mini Trekking.

The trekking tours by TMT Trail can help give you a premium experience during your holiday in Thailand. Undoubtedly, it is advisable to ensure that you are fit before embarking on this adventure. Most importantly, go along with your camera to capture the moments!

Last Updated on May 20, 2023

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