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5 Fun Things To Do In Boston

Now that summer is so close, it is time to start looking for new fun destinations to travel to with the family! How about Boston? It is a historic city with many fun yet relaxing places where you can learn tons of interesting things about the history of the country. You will find tons of different and fun things to do in Boston for families.

Not convinced yet? Here are a couple of reasons why you should visit Boston:

fun things to do in boston

Photo By: BostonPhotoSphere

Parks of Boston

Emerald Necklace – This is a series of 9 parks linked by waterways and trails. It takes up around 1100 acres of land. The parks that it is formed by are:

1. Boston Common – The oldest park in the country.
2. Public Garden – The first public botanical garden in America.
3. Commonwealth Avenue Mall – A parkway divided at center by a wide grassy mall that connects the Public Garden to the Back Bay Fens.
4. Back Bay Fens – This is the last of the original victory gardens from World War II
5. The Riverway – A tranquil linear park where you can go hiking or biking.
6. Olmsted Park – It is a beautiful wooded park with a number of ponds with hiking trails that offer great views.
7. Jamaica Pond – When it got built, it was the largest and purest body of water in Boston. In it several activities are offered.
8. Arnold Arboretum – This is a museum dedicated to teach about woody plants with over 15,000 shrubs, trees and vines.
9. Franklin Park – This park offers a zoo, a golf course, picnic areas and places to recreation and sports.

Urban Wilds

Dots of what used to be vast marsh lands still cover Boston. They are pieces of land that still give a glimpse of the original ecosystem of the place and form an essential part of the city’s open space system. They are owned by the city, protected by its government and can be visited by locals or travelers.

Fun Things to do in Boston

1. Swan Boats – These are part of the Boston experience. You can experience this activity on the Boston Public Garden from April to September.

2. Check Out the Birds of Boston! – The parks of Boston are home to a large amount of bird species. To find some, sll you have to do is pay attention to the tree leaves above you.

3. Go on A history Tour – Boston was and still is an important piece on the country’s history. You can’t visit it without going on a history tour to learn about it.

4. Boston Common Spray Pool and Carousel – This is a great thing to do for families during summer. Aside from the spray pool and carrousel you might also find puppet shows and movie nights.

5. Visit the Boston Harbor Islands! – This is another great option for a summer vacation. Take a ferry to the islands and you might find concerts, water sports and even placer where you can camp.


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