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The Fun in Searching for Crystal River Florida Hotels

Crystal River, Florida is one of the most unique areas of Florida. It is considered to be part of Florida’s Nature Coast and the majority of attractions here are all nature oriented. Our main reasons for visiting is to swim with Manatee. Crystal River and Homosassa Springs are considered the best places in the world for swimming with these amazing animals and we were so ready to go.

Searching for Cheap Hotels In Crystal River Florida

Half the fun for me is finding where to stay and what to do and where to eat. I must admit, looking into hotels in this area was a lot fun. To begin with, very few chains exist here and that is always a good sign. Most of the lodges are mom and pop styled and when I landed on Kings Bay Lodge I knew I found a winner.

crystal river florida hotels

It was exactly what I was looking for. Small hotel, on the water, with a large enough room to accommodate my family. When I say accommodate, I mean that I needed enough beds for my kids. Most hotels have two double beds and getting another bed into the room can cause a serious problem either due to lack of space, or the motels don’t have them.

And then there is the whole issue of space. Where can the kids veg out if necessary without getting too much into my hair.

Kings Bay Lodge is uniquely designed. It calls itself a motel, but aside from the building layout there is nothing motel-y about it. On the contrary, it was more of a vacation rental.

Our room was huge. Yes it was only one room, but the way it was done didn’t feel like it at all.

Kings bay lodge crystal river reviews

We had a full kitchen

full kitchen at kings bay lodge crystal river reviews

Living room with comfy pull out chairs and TV

room at kings bay lodge crystal river

Walk in Closet and full bathroom with great shower pressure (really important to me)

Two double beds

And on the other side of the room, near the small dining area a pull out sofa bed

sleeping area at kings bay lodge crystal river florida

We never got on each other’s nerves, which is easy with two energetic boys. And if we did need to get away the property was large enough. And right on the water.

view from kings bay lodge crystal river florida

Plus, they had a natural spring pool. The days we were there was a cold front and definitely not warm enough for swimming. The cold front was actually a blessing because it is said that is when you see the most amount of Manatee. And since we were there just for that reason, not swimming in the natural pool wasn’t such a huge let down.

natural spring pool of kings bay inn crystal river

I forgot how much fun it is to stay in tiny mom and pop motels. Brings me back to my youth when my parents used to take me and my brother to national parks around NY State and we used to stay in quaint little hotels just like this one.

Video Fun

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