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6 Fun Indoor Winter Games For Kids You Do Not Want to Miss

Winter holidays can be tricky because you can get stuck inside your house and would have no idea about how to spend the holidays. You can not go outside because of the low temperature and have to spend quality time with your family. Here is a list of some decent indoor winter games for kids you can play to make the upcoming winter holidays more entertaining.

Adults can understand the situation, but everyone has to play with kids a lot to make them happy. But playing the same games every time can also bore the kids. So, play some new ones to keep them entertained and engaged. 

You can play these games with everyone, but kids love them the most. 

family playing indoor winter games

Fun Indoor Winter Games For Kids

Word games are one of the best indoor games you can play in the winter or rainy season. These might not be entertaining enough for some people, but these are equally productive for all. Some decent word games are Scrabble, Boggle, Words With Friends, Wordle, Anagram, Jumbled Words, etc.

These word games can give you several benefits, like exercising your brain, enriching your vocab with new words, keeping your kids entertained and engaged, and more.

You can start them directly or take the assistance of online tools. These tools help users with any word game and learn new words. Some people prefer to use these tools instead of playing word games because you can create several mini-games using them.

You can use them as a jumble word solver, word finder/creator/maker, and whatnot. You can also use them to learn new words by applying certain conditions, like words with specific letters or initials, words with or without vowels, and you can check out more here.

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2) Gift Wrap Relay

This game is for those who are always behind on their holiday gift wrapping. It can be fun and productive for those who think being done is better than being perfect.

Start this game by setting up a wrapping station using ribbons, paper, scissors, and tape. After that, assemble the kids and start a relay race to see who is the fastest wrapper. You can ask the kids to play this game while standing for better results.

You can make this game more challenging and intense by dividing players into two or three teams and allowing them to use only one hand. The last difficulty is to try blindfolding one teammate and other teammates to assist him with instructions and not using his hands.

3) Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt can have several forms and modifications, but the idea remains the same. Participants find the hidden treasure using clues or a map to win the game.

It is one of the best indoor games you can play during the winter holiday season. It keeps kids busy and entertained, and you can perform other tasks in the meantime.

You can try to match the treasures with the occasion you are celebrating. For instance, you can hide a Christmas Star during the Christmas holidays. You can also get some different but decent ideas for an indoor Treasure Hunt.

4) Holiday Talent Show

A holiday talent show can bring out the hidden characters of all participants. You can turn your average weekend into a holiday party with a holiday talent show.

Let every participant star in their holiday-themed show, or you can create teams for some family bonding. You can also allow cast members to add dance choreography or act on a favorite holiday story.

5) Human Christmas Tree

You might need several brave volunteers for this game. You can ask these volunteers to be the Christmas tree and let each family member decorate them with anything, like ribbons, bows, wrapping paper, tinsel, aluminum foil, etc. 

You can also allow participants to take turns in decorating and organize a contest for the best-dressed Human Christmas Tree. Make a rule of not voting yourself to make the game fairer for everybody. Do not forget to take pictures of all the participants with hilarious human Christmas trees.

6) Pass the Ornament

You can turn any party into a holiday party game by passing a holiday decoration or a non-fragile ornament. Most of the kids love playing this game so they can win and get a prize. The winner of this game can have the honor of hanging the ornament in the house or Christmas tree or can claim a prize directly.

Wrapping Up

Playing fun and productive games during the winter holidays can be a fun way to spend quality time with friends and families. You can enjoy other indoor games like cards, charades, chess, and more.

You might want to make sure you are playing games all your guests like to make the party comfortable for all guests.

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