18 Fun Facts About Cuba For Kids And Travelers

Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean Sea and a place with such a turbulent yet interesting history. Also, when you talk about this country, you can’t forget about the unique culture of its people. Just researching about my trip to the country I learned so much about it, and being there I was able to learn a lot more, so I’m going to share it with you. There are so many facts about Cuba to discover! Make sure you know them before traveling to Cuba.

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Fun Facts About Cuba

There is no other place on Earth like Cuba. Here are a few unique fact about cuba as to why this country is so Unique!

1. Cubans love kids – when we were there, my boys were treated like kings. Yet they only have one per family.

2. Cuba has practically no crime. Of course, there are a few incidences here and there, but it is one of the safest places in the world.

3. Most of Latin America is crazy over soccer, but not Cuba. Their National sport is Baseball.

4. After the Special Period of 1990’s and the fall of the Soviet Bloc Cuba became a Socialist nation. And remains as one until today.

5. Cubans are allowed to own 2 houses in all of Cuba – one in Havana and one either on the beach or in the countryside.

6. Hitchhiking isn’t only legal but it is obligatory for government officials to pick you up and give you a ride

fun Facts About cuba

7. No Cuban will ever worry about schooling, food, or going broke due to healthcare bills – they are all readily available and free for everyone.

8. Cuba has the lowest HIV cases in all of Latin America with less than 3,000 cases per year.

9. Havana is divided into 15 districts and over five million people are living here, a super interesting fact about Cuba!.

10. Havanas is the name that they give to their world-famous cigars, and cigarros are cigarettes.

11. Because of their outstanding healthcare system, Cubans have the highest life expectancy in Latin America and North America

12. Cuba has the highest doctor-to-population ratio of any country in the world. Not only that, but they also have a reputation of being very good.

13. The Bacardi Rum family is actually Cuban. They ran to Puerto Rico after Castro’s takeover.

14. When people think about Cuba they usually imagine beaches or a hot and humid city, but there are many habitats that include mountains, forests, jungles, grasslands, and even small deserts.

15. The original, indigenous cultures that lived in Cuba way before the conquest were called the Ciboney and Guanahatabey people, they were colonized by the Tahino.

16. During the conquest the Spanish forced the Tahino to work for them and gave them their newly brought disease and almost made them disappear.

17. Cuba has one of the highest literacy rates in the world, with almost all the population (99.8%) being literate.

18. Cuba is home to nine UNESCO world heritage sites. And you should make time to see as many as you can while visiting the country.

Bonus fact about Cuba – The weather in Cuba is much more varied than most people think. Check the weather before coming to see if it’s a good time to come.

Do you know of any other interesting facts about Cuba that the world should know of? Comment below!

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18 Fun and Interesting Cuba Facts for Travelers

Last Updated on April 26, 2023

18 thoughts on “18 Fun Facts About Cuba For Kids And Travelers

  1. When i hear Cuba, i remember Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights 😀 My cousin went there 2 yrs ago and did skydiving. She also mentioned how Cubans are generally nice and not boring 😀

    1. Skydiving! That sounds awesome. I didn’t do anything that exciting. The people is what makes Cuba so fun.

  2. I’m sorry to bust your bubble but things are not that amazing or wonderful. Believe me I was born and raised there!! No crime?? Are you kidding me?? they just don’t report it but believe me THERE is a lot of crime!!! Yes it’s true that healthcare is free, but have you been to a hospital there? People have the worse care ever and lack of medications and equipment for treatment is the norm. I could go on forever. Don’t get me wrong I love my country, at least its people, most are very family oriented and despite all the poverty and hardship they try to lead a happy life and you will see people dancing and playing music anywhere. I just ask all of you to get your facts straight before you speak. Thanks

    1. It’s interesting you bring this up. I wrote this post right after returning from Cuba. I went there to visit a friend, and we were both a bit dreamy about the country. The people really win you over. However, she’s been living there for over 1 year and now she is seeing all that you have mentioned. And yes, the crime there, she is telling me has become out of control. But it’s petty crime, gratefully, no violent crimes yet.

      I don’t know much about the health care, the Cubans we met were all raving about it and since I live in Latin America, all we hear is that Cuba has the best healthcare in Latin America.

      Personally, I was born in Communist Russia. I was too young to remember it, since my parents moved me to the US when I was 6. But they remember their times, and when I was telling them about Cuba’s healthcare, they too were looking at me like I’m nuts since they grew up in similar conditions and are with you on exactly what it’s like.

  3. Cuba is a great and unique country. It’s my homeland I I’m very proud to come from Cuba; however, It calls my attention when you said the Cubans don’t have to worry about food. Health care and schooling… yes, they are good, food… that another story. Even when we are not in the extreme of other poor countries and most people have some food everyday, to get that food is very hard. There is not enough food, prices are very expensive for the part of the population who doesn’t receive money from family outside Cuba or for people who don’t work in the tourist industry. The government guarantee some food that helps but it is not enough. In my family everybody had good salaries, considering the Cuban average and still, it was never enough, you live day to day and always trying to find a place or someone in the black market where to get eggs or oil, because 5 eggs a month per person are not enough and the small ration of oil, (same as the eggs) won’t be always there when it’s time to get it. Cubasn live everyday thinking about where to buy food, what to cook, where to find it. Candies, pop, chips, ice cream, chocolates are luxuries that children enjoy just in very special ocasions and in small amounts (maybe that is good though). I remember being a little girl and my family making a big sacrifice to buy me a pop that cost more than what they make in a day when I was sick and didn’t want to eat… Cubans are beautiful people, and their main merit is that having nothing are always willing to share whatever they have with others.

    1. I found food to be soooooooo expensive. It blew my mind. And I don’t think it has to do with me being a foreigner. I think Cubans were shopping there too. Although, I have no idea how they can afford it.

  4. Well… What happens is that we (Cubans) were use to have lots of doctor, when the government started exporting them… the Cuban population didn’t have as many. So, we complain a lot; however because I live in Canada now and can compare… I think many countries should learn about Cuban health care.

    1. IT was interesting to see other Cubans, in Cuba, talking how great doctors are and health care. I didn’t have to use it there so I can’t say, but it was never a negative topic.

  5. About crime… well… In 30 years… someone took a pair of jeans from my clothesline…. actually it was my husband’s jeans… I used to walk at night by myself coming back form my night course, I had to walk early in the morning, still dark. Always alone, being a young woman… I never had problems… ah!!! in my university some people who had too much gold jewelry could have it stolen… but people have not guns and it’s save in general… Big cities could have some problems… but people don’t live scared.

    1. My friend, since she moved there 1 year ago, says she has been robbed at home, petty theft quite a lot. I also think she has all these great things that are impossible not only to afford but to get in Cuba. And they have been having problems with that.

      But as for violent crimes, not yet. which is great.

  6. NIce!!!
    Helped me learn more and look very amazing. I would go to Cuba because it is…Massive!

  7. your facts have kind of helped me with my homework its just my teacher wants !REALLY! unusual facts about cuba, only two of them have come in handy
    do you know any REALLY interesting facts about cuba, please reply as soon as possible as my homework is soon due in so im kind of tight with time

    1. Hi Mickey,

      These are the best facts I have. I don’t live in Cuba, I just visited. You will most likely get great info on Google.

      1. What countries have you not seen.
        I think it’s amazing that you’ve traveled all around the world, do you travel alone or with someone. I think its very impressive when someone travels by themselves.

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